How to Achieve an Aesthetically Pleasing Instagram Feed

I didn’t start an instagram account until recently, and I love how this tool has allowed me to find my passion for photography and fashion again. I think it’s a wonderful platform for me to express myself creatively, but to also extend my blog through photographs. I am also using it as a way to bring more viewers to my blog, so to do that, I’ll need an eye catching feed to attract viewers.

Research your favorite feeds:

Keep track of accounts that inspire you to help you create your distinct feed.

Anouk.II: I love how the photos aren’t edited with the usual filters. I love the grainy feeling to her feed, and her photos give a warm mood. Not only that, but I love the content of the photographs as well. Her style, tea, European architecture, and knitted sweaters.


Jacimariesmith: Ugh, her photographs are to die for. The colors and quality of her photos are absolutely stunning. I also love how she mixes her photographs with lifestyle and fashion.


Mashasedgwick: I love how dark and glamorous her photographs are. Her feed definitely inspires me because it is empowering and edgy. Her style directly relates to her feed.



Miiamata: Her photos are bright and beautiful; just like her and her smile! I love that she isn’t static. There is movement within her pictures, and even though she is a fashion blogger, she isn’t afraid to smile and be goofy. Her photos have personality.




Choose (a) Theme(s):

If you have a brand, then it’s understandable to have one theme. If your Instagram is solely for one purpose, then go ahead by all means and select one theme. I’m a lifestyle blogger, and thus, it is too difficult to have one theme. So, my themes are fitness and food, fashion, travel, art, bullet journaling, and books. I make sure to include this in my about section, so those who check out my page will see this immediately and know what to expect.

Choose an aesthetic:

Below is a list of aesthetic ideas you can choose from. By selecting an aesthetic, you will set yourself up to create photos that will mesh well together. Also, this allows you to include an array of photos, but still have a cohesive feed. Of course you can change from one aesthetic to the next, but try to blend it by matching aesthetics. Ie. if you have a minimalist aesthetic and wish to get to earthy and muted, a good transition aesthetic would be neutral and clean.

  • Bold and colorful
  • Pastel and girly
  • Minimalist
  • Neutral and clean
  • Earthy and muted
  • Dark and moody
  • White and airy
  • Grunge
  • City Chic
  • Glamorous and bright
  • Romantic and sweet
  • Classy and clean

Choose go-to filters:

If you use a few select filters, it helps keep your feed consistent. A popular editing app is VSCO.

Plan your feed:

I use VSCO to plan my feed. I simply check how my photo looks with the last 6-9 photos. I also found from, a great trick used to plan your feed, which is mentioned at the end of that link.

Link your instagram account in the comment section for me to check out! Follow me at nataliedesantiago!

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