Travel Diary // Portland, Oregon Guide

pexels-photo-29066Places I Explored

Our trip consisted of all three days exploring different parts of Portland and simply walking down the streets and checking out what caught our eye. Also, our third day, we visited the Tulip Festival.


There are many local shops and places to eat downtown. If you’re even looking for big corporation shops, you can find that downtown. There is a small mall, Target, Sephora, and Nike shop. But, if you’re looking for more local and Portland-esque shops, I suggest visit the Pearl District. There are great gift shops that carry Feminist, quirky items, and originally created pieces.

  • Powell’s Bookstore: This is every book worm’s dreams. If I recall correctly, there were about 6 sections of this book store, and three floors. Each section having a large array of books. For instance one section would be fiction: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and another section would include: gardening, homesteading, animals etc. So, you can basically find anything in this store.

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Hawthorne St.

Hawthorne is a great street to walk down. There are small town shops, two theaters down this street, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. There is another Powell’s bookstore on Hawthorne st., but it is much more smaller, but if you don’t have the chance to go to downtown to check out Powell’s, check it out here.

Mississippi St.

Similar to Hawthorne, ice cream shops, restaurants, shops, donut shop, burger joint, bookstore, and quirky shops can be found on Mississippi St.

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Kennedy School

Kennedy School is a repurposed school into a bar, restaurant, hotel, and theater. It was really cool to check it out because it was something that I’ve never seen before.  There are multiple bars. My favorite is the one displayed below: the boiler room. There are two floors to the boiler room. Below is the bar, and another area for the pool table.

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Tulip Festival

As seen below, there were tons of people and we made it just in time. I suggest visiting early or else you’ll be stuck in line for parking. It was backed up in all directions of entry. It was probably a 40 minute wait. People even began parking on random lots and walking to the Tulip festival, so they didn’t have to wait. They did have food vendors, but very few. There were four: a hot dog truck, burger vendor, Mexican food truck, and I cannot recall the last. There was also a play area for children, a wine tasting area, but it didn’t seem that appealing, and vendors.

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Places I Ate:

Mentioned below are a few select locations that I thought were worth mentioning. They are not expensive food spots, aside from Gladstone st. Pizza. I don’t like spending too much money, but I ate out for 3 days, and I spent a total of $100 on food and drinks. Mind you, I don’t drink much, I only purchased two drinks. I did eat a good amount of food, but my friend paid two meals for me. So, these places are affordable, and if you’re on budget!

Fire on the Mountain

I’m not a huge chicken wing fan, but after eating at this place, I fell in love. They not only sell chicken wings with many different sauces, and aside from the usual sauces they have Bourbon Chipotle, Spicy Peanut, and Raspberry Habanero, but they also sell sandwiches, salads, and burgers. I also had the fried Oreos and nachos with Bleu cheese. They were both DELICIOUS!

Baghdad Pub

I stopped by here for lunch and it’s a cute pub. I had a gyro and fries, and they were delicious. I was told by my friend though, who is a local, that it isn’t the best, but I did thoroughly enjoy it!

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Gladstone St. Pizza

This pizzaria was still open after 10pm, perhaps because it’s also a bar. The lighting was dim and gave a chill mood. I ate a Greek styled pizza and purchased the medium size. It was good for two people only though and a bit more on the pricier side, but still a great place to eat if you’re willing to pay a bit more.

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Voodoo Donuts

I’m sure you’ve already heard about Voodoo Donuts. I visited the one on NE Davis St. It wasn’t crowded on a Thursday 11 PM night (they are open 24/7). As I’ve been told that it is incredibly crowded in the day time and a long line is formed. So, I’d suggest visiting at night. It is a cool and quirky donut shop. I had the Homer donut. It was delicious! They also package them in an adorable pink box, but I wouldn’t have spent my time waiting in line here for the donut I had. It’s good, but not that good to wait. I was also told that Blue Star donuts sell even better donuts than Voodoo donuts. They sell out quickly! You can find Blue Star on both Mississippi st. and Hawthorne st. mentioned above.

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Three days was a very short time for me, so I’ll definitely be returning, and hopefully in the summer! If you have any suggestions for me, please comment below. I’d also like to know great hiking and swimming locations.

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