10 Week Minimalism: Style Challenge

10 week Minimalism Style Challenge

Download Printable: 10 Week Minimalism Style Challenge

Starting the path to Minimalism can be a very daunting task. Minimalism does not only apply to your home, but all aspects of your life! Including, but not limited to: your wardrobe, relationships, home, digital space, career, and hobbies. So, where to start?

For me, I thought it was pertinent to begin with my style because I am often shopping and buying clothes that I never wear. I also believe that the way I dress affects my mood and day. So, the point of this minimalism challenge is to not only cull your wardrobe, but to fully understand your style that way you don’t remain in the cycle of purchasing items you never wear and then decluttering.

Week 1: Set Goals.

Before you get started with any Minimalism challenge, you must have a clear idea of what is most important to you. This is the point of Minimalism: to create space and time for what you value. So, write down 5 things that are most important to you. For me, I used my legacy goals, which you can find on this post: Legacy Goals: A way to Stay More Focused in Life to write down your legacy goals.

Week 2: Define Your Personal Style

Defining your personal style will help you from purchasing items you don’t want/ need. It’ll also allow you to express yourself the best way possible with the utmost comfort, the comfort that is catered just for you!

Check out my detailed post on How to Find your Personal Style: A Guide if you need help!

Week 3: List 20 essential items.

You can list 20 essential items from the top of your head or if you used a Pinterest Style Inspo. Board from my How to Find Your Personal Style: A Guide Post, you may use that to help list your essentials. In your list, include for all seasons and write a detailed description of the item. Instead of writing down denim jeans, include the wash, the waist and hem type. Ie. Denim light washed bell-botoms with high waist.

Week 4: Cull Your Wardrobe.

Throw out items that have become stained, over-worn, and dingy. Donate items that don’t fit your personal style or you never wear.

Check out my Cull Your Wardrobe Map (post coming soon) if you need help decluttering your closet!

Week 5: Cull Your Accessories

Your wardrobe is large enough without your accessories, so I’ve separated the two to make it easier. This week we will be taking a look at our jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarfs, and hats.

Week 6: Write down your Wishlist & Prioritize; Buy.

Now that you have your 20 essential items, and you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe, you can now write down what items you need to procure. After you’ve written your wishlist down, prioritize the items that will make the largest impact in your wardrobe. Purchase the items slowly if you can’t afford to go on a large shopping spree, based on the priority.

Week 7: Plan outfits.

Take photographs of your favorite outfit combos and keep a record or you can use an app like, My Closet or Stylebook, which allows you to piece together your garments on your phone.

Week 8: List 10-15 essential items for Beauty Products

You already know your personal style, so let’s apply this to our makeup as well. What’s important to you? Does your personal style require a natural look or are you artsy, and you love to have pops of color? Do you need waterproof mascara because you workout often? Or do you focus more on the care of your skin? These essential items should fit your personal style and lifestyle.

Week 9: Purge Beauty Products.

Do you have any lipsticks that you never wear? Expired facial lotion? Toss out what you rarely use, any expired products, and donate products you’ve never worn.

Week 10:  Write Down Beauty Product Wishlist & Prioritize. Buy.

Just as we did for our clothing essential items, we are now going to list and prioritize the beauty products that will impact our lives. Buy products starting from the highest priority.

I’ll be creating detailed blog posts that will help you through this challenge, so keep an eye out for them.  What posts can you expect from me that correlate to the Minimalism: Style Challenge? Culling Wardrobe Map, How to Define Your Personal Style,  and How to Shop Smarter.

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