How to Find Your Personal Style: A Guide


So, if you haven’t yet, check out my 10 Week Minimalism: Style Challenge, so you can begin your journey on Minimalism to curate your wardrobe. This post will help you with that challenge and allow you to define your personal style. But, if you aren’t planning to begin that challenge, this guide stands alone and can help you define your style! A style that suits your lifestyle, your needs, and that makes you feel and look your best. Because, although we may love drooling over other styles, it does not necessarily translate well with ourselves because we lead different lives! And, although our style is ever-changing, we can always use this tool to find out our style in that moment in time.

1. Track your Lifestyle:

ideal outfits lifestyle printable

Download: Lifestyle Printable

  • List the weather and seasons.
  • List where you are often at. Do you spend most of your time at home? If so, are constantly cooking and cleaning? Or are you at your desk working on blogging? Or are you simply lounging in bed reading a book? Is most of your time spent at an office? Do you commute to work? If so, is your commute to and from work more than an hour? Are you often at the gym? What types of workouts do you do? Mostly strength? Or do you just head to the yoga mats? Do you find yourself on weekends at fancy restaurants or bars? Or do you simply like to meet up with your girls at a cafe shop?
  • Make a Pie Chart of Your Life. Now that you know where you spend your time, write down the percentages of how often you spend your time there. Ie. 50 % Work, 20 % Social Outings, 30% at Home.
  • List the Ideal Outfits to Each Part of Your Life. Once you have the list of where you are found often at, correlate an ideal outfit. You can either list specific garment items to each location, ie. jeans and a white t-shirt with oxfords at the cafe, or you can write down a style aesthetic, ie. sleek and sophisticated at the office, or even a silhouette, ie. comfy and flowy at home.

2. Gather Style Inspiration

  • Create a Pinterest Board. This board is your spot for style inspiration. You aren’t limited to clothing photographs either. It can be landscapes, designs, patterns, home decor.
  • Use the Description Box. Make sure when you are pinning an item you write down what inspires you in the box. Include any of the following to hone in what exactly does the image do for you?
    • Individual colours and colour combinations
    • Specific items or item combinations
    • Materials and fabrics
    • Silhouettes and cuts
    • Overall themes
    • Styling (accessories, tucking tops, rolling up hemlines, makeup, etc.)
    • Location: Where will you wear this to?
  • Dissect the Image. Clothing, styling, and setting.
    • Clothing: Would this outfit still look good without the setting, the styling, and the model? Would it look good on me with my body shape and skin tone? Have I worn pieces like this before, and if so, did I like it?
    • Styling: Will this outfit work with the way I usually style my makeup and hair?
    • Setting: Where could I wear this outfit to?

3. Label Your Style 

favorites printable

Download: favorites printable

  • Save Key Images. Now that you have a list from your description boxes in your Pinterest board, it is time to pair down what speaks the most to you. You may make a new Pinterest board and save the style icons,  you pinned the most.  Ie. if your style board is mostly filled with Dita Von Teese and Audrey Hepburn, save one image each into your new board. Then go on to save any other images that have the highest percentage of similar elements ie. if you saved plenty of images that have a minimal style, pin this into the new board, or if you constantly pinned images with a black messenger bag, pin it into your new board.
  • Take A Look at Your Wardrobe. Write down what you most wear in your wardrobe. What clothes do you feel most comfortable in? What item combinations do you like? Identify the fabrics, silhouettes, and colors you tend to gravitate toward. An understanding of what you already like to wear will help you define your style.
  • Write Down Your Style in One Sentence. Using the new board you’ve created with the key images, and the notes from you wardrobe, describe your style. Include the style label, the theme, the color palette, and silhouette.
I would love to see your journey on finding your personal style, so please share below your favorite silhouettes, proportions, colors, pieces etc! I would also love to see how this has helped you adjust your style to your lifestyle.
A step by step guide to find your personal style
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