10 Week Minimalism Style Challenge // my Goals + Defining my Style

If you haven’t yet, head on over to: 10 Week Minimalism: Style Challenge, so you can begin the journey of Minimalism and to find your personal style. Here is my progress.

Week 1: What are your goals?

My goals as a minimalist aligns perfectly well with my legacy goals. My first is to strive and protect the earth, which I will by reducing my consumption, and thus reducing my waste. My second goal is to inspire others through my life. I think minimalism teaches us to live as our best self by making room for what matters (depends on the individual), and as I am sharing my journey, I can inspire others to be their best self. My other goals for minimalism, which aren’t taken from my legacy goals, are:

  • Enjoy my space
  • Learn what is important to me and create the time and space for it
  • Express myself to the fullest through the way I dress
  • Save money

Week 2: Define Your Personal Style

So, below you can find my favorites, but I also have my Pinterest boards as a place for inspiration of my personal style. In my Pinterest board, I’ve made sure to include details of what I like in each image in the description box, which includes: where I would where it to, style, silhouettes, proportions, & styling details.


Have you started the Minimalism Style Challenge? If so, share your Minimalism goals, and if you have a link to a favorites page of your personal style or Pinterest board, please include in the comment section, so I can check it out!

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