Fashion Friday #1


So, I want to keep a consistent schedule of a few of my blog posts, and I want to try writing a blog post about fashion every Friday. I haven’t been able to have great photos taken of my outfits because my photographer is me, or my sister, and my sister doesn’t really know how to take photos. So, I hope I can direct her a lot better that way I have more quality OOTD posts for you guys.

This week, I’m sharing with you two outfits I wore. It’s super hot here in Southern California, so it’s essential to wear breatheable clothing.

When I want to be more “modest” in the summer, I like to wear a crochet cardigan, the holes allow my skin to still feel any breeze, if any, and the jeans I wear are bell-bottoms, and not skin tight, so they are super comfy.

If the heat is impossible, I love to wear my high-waisted shorts that I made from thrifted jeans, and a cropped top.


If you guys have any ideas for fashion fridays, like moodboards or inspo styles, please let me know, because these are the only ideas I have so far!!

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