Holistic Health Pillars + Action Steps Printable


Physical: Are you able to sleep through the night? Are you happy with your body and the way it moves/ performs? Is your space organized and does it represent you?

Mental: Are you mentally depleted? Do you find yourself unable to stick to one task? Are you burnt out? Is there anything you are interested in learning?

Spiritual: Do you have a connection with your higher power? Are you grateful for what you have in your life? Do you feel abandoned by your Higher Power?

Emotional: Do you express your emotions freely? Do you find yourself suppressing undesired emotions? Do you notice any bursts of anger or sadness?

Social: Do you have a good relationship with your family? Are you spending enough time with your friends? Or do you find yourself lonely? How is your relationship with your significant other? Are you spending quality time with him/ her?




Download Printable Here

This post is in association with my youtube video: How to Plan for the Month to Achieve Your Goals

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