Intentional Spending: August 2017 // Stop Impulse Purchases!

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July is coming to a close, and August will soon be here. As a substitute teacher, that means I’m no longer on summer break, and the money will soon be rolling in again. But, I want to spend my money intentionally to get the most out of it, and to save. Intentional spending also means preventing clutter, which I’m all about. If you haven’t already checked out my How to Shop Smarter & Save Money post, check it out for tips on how to stop yourself from impulse buys! But, creating an intentional spending list also allows you to strengthen your chances from making unnecessary purchases.


My August Spending List:


  • Groceries: $50
  • Dining: $30
  • Sushi with friends: $15
  • Dining out in Riverside: $15
  • Gas & Vehicle: $100
  • Commute to Work: $60
  • To Riverside: $5
  • Car Wash: $8
  • Miscellaneous: $30
  • Phone Bill: $50
  • Gym: $13
  • Miscellaneous: $140
  • Oil change: $40
  • Exchange hair dye – no cost
  • Conditioner: max $8
  • Cable ankle strap: max $12
  • Gift: $20 (Ruben)
  • Rock climbing: $10
  • Downtown Riverside trip: $10
  • School Supplies: $40

Total Expected Output: $383


Ways I can save money this month:

  • Take out cash for groceries and eating out. Put them in separate envelopes.
  • Have dad use clippers for my undercut instead of paying to get it cut.
  • Other than listed events, don’t accept invitations unless it’s something free.
  • Sell clothes on depop, and sell items on offerup, craiglist, and other apps.


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What do you intend on spending for this month? Let me know in the comment section! Also, check out ValentinaBrenni’s post on intentional spending – her post is what inspired me to do this!


4 thoughts on “Intentional Spending: August 2017 // Stop Impulse Purchases!

    1. It’s my pleasure! It does, and it makes me question myself if I really want to go out and do more things that weren’t on my intentional list when I’ve already have a good balance of work and play. I’m glad you stopped by to check it out 🙂

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