Monthly Goals + Review // July 2017


This month has been one of the hardest months in a long time. I had separated from my boyfriend, and I struggled with coping it with it negatively. It felt like my life was falling apart. I was becoming angry for no reason and I felt like I had no one to turn to. I had lost my best friend. At the same time I wasn’t training for jiu jitsu. Though, I was working out at the gym more than I had ever done – just for a distraction.

But, at the end of the month, I realized that maybe you have to fall apart to build yourself up again. So, now I’m taking this month to focus on healing myself and focusing on my goals and dreams. It’s not going to be an easy moth, but I made it through July, so I can make it through August.


  • Simplify my Life:
    • Declutter space
    • Sell items on apps/ donate
    • Free self from relationships that don’t add anything to my life
    • Read Simple Living
  • Focus on Self Healing & Self Improvement:
    • Try Al-anon meetings on Sundays
    • Follow daily habits
    • Strength train 3x a week
    • Jiu jitsu 3x a week
  • Increase presence online:
    • Get 100 followers on blog and 250 views
    • Get 200 followers on instagram
    • Get 20 subscribers on youtube
    • Collab with Mickylene for Instagram

Other than these goals, I’ll be focusing on school as I just registered for Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry, and I’ll be dyeing my hair purple. Woot!


This month you can expect 3 posts each week.  Wednesdays will be self improvement, minimalism, and holistic health. Fridays, I’ll have fitness content, and Sundays will be style. It’s a bit of a change from last month’s schedule, but I thought that Mondays still can be reserved for inspiration, but only when I really feel like sharing something that inspired me rather than feeling obligated to post.


How was your month of July? And, what are your goals for August?

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16 thoughts on “Monthly Goals + Review // July 2017

  1. I felt so sad when I read that you had a difficult July. Losing people always sucks (to put it plainly). I hope you’re doing a little better now, and that August will be a much better month. And don’t forget that you’re much stronger than you think you are and only deserve the best for yourself!

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    1. It does. Thank you for your kind words. I am doing better in the sense that I am not so sad, but more confused and frustrated. But, I do have hope in the sense that I’ll treat myself better. Thank you again for being so sweet. ❤

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  2. As always… your blog content is so gorgeous! You have such a talent for editing images in a way that’s so consistent and unique. I’m so sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend; from the bottom of my heart, I hope you have a much better August xx

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  3. I think getting rid of relationships that no longer added value to my life was the bet decision I ever made. It’s made my life so much simpler and happier. I’m sorry to hear about your relationships but I hope it does the same for you.

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  4. So sorry that you’re going through a bit of a rough patch, but I hope you know everything will be okay. As you said, you got through July, so you can get through the rest. You don’t know if these times you’re living right now will be the best days of your life, so might as well enjoy them, eh? Sending you love Natalie. Xo
    Jenna –

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