How to style your workout gear // Fitness Friday 003


Lately I’ve found myself at the gym more than I am out with friends or doing anything else pretty much. So, since I’ve been at the gym plenty, I like to do my errands before or after I workout since I’m already out. But, the only problem is that I don’t feel presentable. I am one of those people who care how I look like. It makes me feel good when I think I look good. So, although I don’t need a full face of makeup when I workout, I do want to look stylish, so I collected my favorite pictures of athletic wear from pinterest, and this is what I’ve come up with!


 Pink, Black, & White

I think this color combo makes you pop and look extra feminine when working out.


Hoodie & Neutral Colors

The hoodie is perfect when working out outdoors during colder seasons or is perfect if you are trying to break some sweat. The neutral colors also makes the workout gear look classy.


Mesh, Black & White

If you buy yourself some great quality mesh, this will help your workout gear from becoming heavy with sweat and it allows your body to breathe! The black and white also makes you look sleek while you do your workout routine.

Matching Attire

Awhile back I wouldn’t be caught wearing matching workout gear. To me, it looked tacky. It could be that those pieces that were for sale were tacky in themselves, but now, I love the look!



Who would’ve thought that they’d be styling themselves before they hit the gym? I love the high knee socks with workout attire, and a knotted t-shirt keeps a baggy tee from drowning your shape – your hard work! Also, space buns are super cute and keeps your hair from dangling onto the nape of your neck.


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