My Ideal Fall Schedule // Plan for a Balanced Life


Fall is here, so for most that means school is back in session. Also, as a substitute teacher, it also means I’m back at work. Normally I don’t have an issue with balancing school and work, but as of lately I’m producing more content on my blog and I’m taking Organic Chemistry, from what I hear, this is a tough class. So, I’ve created a schedule that’ll hopefully allow me to blog, work, study, and have a social life. I’ve omitted Saturday because I’m hoping that I can have that day free to myself or going out.

fall ideal schedule

Do you need helping creating your own ideal schedule/ routine, and do you need help sticking to it? Read this post here. It’s basically a guide for you.

Do you have an ideal day? If so, what does it look like? Let me know in the comment section!


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24 thoughts on “My Ideal Fall Schedule // Plan for a Balanced Life

  1. Aw, I admire how organised you are! I struggle to balance work social life and blogging; usually I’ll spend the weekends cram blogging and getting content scheduled and then just go out after work and have my social life then 🙂 x

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    1. But, the way you do it seems also like a good strategy to do it haha cause I know after work I only want to relax or have fun.


  2. You are well organized, congrats 👏👏👏 I have an ideal schedule, but it always changes as I go and than at the end I do one thousand things on top of what I planned… I guess I need to master planning 😃

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    1. Ooooh yes I do! Actually, this makes me want to create a blog post about it! haha thanks for the inspiration! I’ll link your blog onto that post when I make it, so you can read it! 😀 Sometimes though I have difficulty sticking to my plan because I plan too much for me to do in one day, so a suggestion would be create a more realistic plan. Thanks for reading and commenting!! xoxo

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    1. Yes! Actually, I’ve pretty much followed it so far! If things pop up, I tend to move around my gym and jiu jitsu hours to fit in the things that come up. Sundays, I always try my best to keep it clear. I think that’s the most important day for me because it helps keep my week on track with the prepping and planning 🙂 I actually made this post: ; which can help you create a routine. Let me know if it helps!


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