What is a Soul Mate? // Thrifted & Ethical Fashion

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What is a soul mate to you? Let me know in the comment section!

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24 thoughts on “What is a Soul Mate? // Thrifted & Ethical Fashion

  1. That was a beautiful post, I really like your idea of a soul-mate, and I completely agree with it. I don’t buy into the idea of having only one soul-mate waiting for you (The One as people say), several people can become your soul-mate. But once you find this special connection with someone, it’s pretty amazing 🙂

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    1. Yes! I think it’s much better to look at soul mates that way we can appreciate the people in our lives much more and not try to keep them in our lives longer (ie those people who stay in a relationship just because they are comfortable with one another and aren’t really happy though) And, thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely day. xoxo

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  2. I know I always say this but I really do love your writing!! I always look forward to your posts, they’re all laid out so beautifully and I think they really capture the essence of what you’re trying to say. Thank you for sharing this ❤x

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    1. Izzy, it’s always nice to find someone who has similar beliefs x Yes, definitely, I feel the same way about those people – like I think I regret having those people in my life, but in the end, I don’t. Thank you for dropping by and commenting! with lots of love xoxo


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