Intentional Spending Update // August 2017 + Ways I Saved Money!

243B-Online Shoppingjj

So, overall, I think I did well within the limits of my budget, but this month had a lot of unexpected expenses, which I’ll share below. Let’s see how I did within my budget first. In pink is what I actually spent.


  • Groceries: $50 –  $50
  • Dining: $30 –  $23
  • Gas & Vehicle: $100 $100
  • Phone Bill: $50 $50
  • Gym: $13$13
  • Miscellaneous: $140 –  $134.62
  • Oil change: $40 –  $23.26
  • Exchange hair dye – no cost
  • Conditioner: max $8
  • Cable ankle strap: max $12
  • Gift: $20  –  $20
  • Rock climbing: $10
  • Downtown Riverside trip: $10
  • School Supplies: $40 – 91.36 (still need to buy  safety goggles, & scantrons – expected to spend $15)

Expenses I didn’t account for:

  • $52 battery: My car stopped working because my battery was leaking and ruined my connections, so it was time for an upgrade.
  • $25 thrifted clothes: I spent a lot of time with my cousin who loves thrifting – I didn’t go by myself at all, which I’m proud of, but I still ended up spending some money in this department
  • $6 flea market
  • $100 hospital bill: I had went to the hospital a couple of months back, and I had forgotten that this bill would eventually arrive at my door step.
  • $5.67 dog cone: My dog has allergies and continuously licks her paws, which irritates them, so I bought her a cone.

Total Expected Output: $383 / Actual: $542.29

Okay, I spent well over my budget, but aside from thrifted shopping spree, which was a small portion of unexpected expenses, they were necessary purchases.

How I saved money:

  • I had planned to sell some items that I was going to donate, and I did do this – I’m still selling my things. The key here is to re-upload them after it’s been awhile so you get people to see the items listed every so often.
  • I also planned to have my dad do my undercut with his clippers – this didn’t happen. Instead, I learned how to do it myself! And, I think I did a hell of a great job 😀
  • I also stuck to cash when it came to groceries and dining, which were my two largest budgets that I usually spend a lot of money on. This really helped me stick within budget!
  • I washed my own car
  • I searched Groupon for an oil change – I saved half of what I expected to spend!
  • I also didn’t buy a cable strap because my gym ended up getting one
  • I bought a used (good brand & good condition) dog cone – at Petco there was a cheap plastic one for $17

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