Soul Mate Wishlist // Journey to Self Love


You’re probably thinking, ‘how does having a soulmate wishlist contribute to self love if you’re focusing on the other person?’ Well, often times if you lack self love you jump into relationships to receive love and affection without considering what it is that you truly desire. So, now I’m taking the time to think what it is that I want. If you want, you can read what I believe a soulmate means here.

  • Someone who takes action to make a positive difference in the world
  • He takes me on adventures and he appreciates being in the now
  • He is loyal
  • He believes in me and pushes me to towards greatness
  • He has passion, and discipline to reach his goals
  • He understands that communication is important
  • He cares what I’m passionate about and is willing to learn what I love (some parts of my life)
  • He cares about self-growth and is willing to see his wrong doing and improves himself
  • He loves himself and does not depend on words of affirmation


What’s on your soulmate wishlist? Let me know in the comment section!

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Read this post about my soulmate wish list. This list is helping me on my journey to self love by creating boundaries in my relationships and placing realistic expectations for my future loved one. This will teach you and me to create healthy relationships by creating relationship goals. So, read now to start your journey on self love and healthy relationships.


8 thoughts on “Soul Mate Wishlist // Journey to Self Love

  1. Yeah, looking for someone who loved me is what got me into a failed marriage. I remember my first date with my college girlfriend; we talked for 12 hours straight. That’s as close a clue to someone being a soulmate I think of.


    1. Jecky, I’m glad you enjoy them! It means a lot to me; especially because these are very personal posts to me. with lots of love! xoxo


    1. Mia, I’m glad you loved it! Yeah, I really hope that it’ll help guide me and make me more conscious of choosing a partner. xoxo


  2. When I saw the title of this post I was worried for a second the list would consist of physical traits because that’s what a lot of girls base their lists on… I’m so happy you proved me wrong with this. I agree with your every point communication, passion and trust is so important in a relationship

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    1. I’m glad I could have proved you wrong haha! I mean I may have physical preferences, but I know I could easily be attracted to someone simply by liking their personality!

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