16 thoughts on “October Goals 2017 // Making my Month Intentional & Purposeful

  1. I love this. My blog is much more simple than many people’s but I’ve felt the same as you in terms of quality over quantity. I’ve been focused on getting views/likes/comments/followers that I’ve noticed some of my posts are kinda crappy. But I figure as long as we learn from them then that’s progress!

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    1. Yes! Definitely, I look back at some of my posts, and I can see how much I’ve progressed! We are always growing, as I’m sure our blogs will too. 🙂 For me though, I love your content; I always think your posts are great reads. ❤

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  2. Yes I can definitely agree with the point of quality rather than quantity, especially when you have other commitments and you cannot spend hours writing good quality posts on a daily basis. I loved reading through your goals and believe that they are very achievable for someone with as good of a mindset as yourself – I am sure you are going to have a wonderful october:) xox

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  3. Thoughts while reading this:
    – Wow, your editing is so on point, you never fail to impress me!
    – Good luck with your goals!!! Love the direction you’re headed to
    – I feel yaaaaa for your blog goals! Quality over quantity feels like the right move tho
    This month, in order to get closer to reaching my long-term goals:
    – I wanna stay on top of things regarding school work: I really gotta hang on for the first couple of months, if I wanna stay there next year (there’s a harsh selection)
    – Try not to snack so much
    – And finally, I pretty much to do the same thing as you, in your “pursue creative endeavors” category!

    Love, G – https://urbankidparis.wordpress.com

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    1. Oh! Your comment made me so happy! Thank you dear! I definitely feel you for the school goal. I was procrastinating at first, but now I’ve made it so that I am doing a little bit about 4 days of the week, so I don’t fall behind. I wish you the best on your goals!

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  4. Aww. Yup, I’m with you on the quality > quantity. We shouldn’t force ourselves to post on our blogs specially on days that we’re not inspired because it won’t be that beautiful or it won’t be how we want it to be.

    Good luck on your goals!! 🙂

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