October Review //2017

october review

You know those months where everything seems like a big blur, and no matter how hard you try to focus on one thing, it still moves past you quickly? That’s how October was for me. So much happened, but it all seems so distant. There was nothing that I could hold onto. I could say how I turned 24 this month or how I spent my Halloween night carving pumpkins, but those are just events that happened.

I’d rather tell you that I wanted to pull my hair out at the thought of money and debt, that it finally seems that I can move on from my ex with love, that I have an idea where I want to go, but frazzled by the process of approaching it, and craving change (job, schedule, and classes – I want the new semester/ year to come!)


The Life Coach School Podcast: Such good information about adulting, personal growth, and holistic health.


Hailey Reeses’ 30 Days of Halloween: When I didn’t have enough time to watch a horror movie, I went to Hailey’s playlist. She has a down to earth personality, and her videos are fun to watch.

Ingrid Goes West: I love Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec., and she didn’t let me down in this film. This film definitely makes you question how you look at insta-celebrities, and how you spend your time on Instagram.

Stranger Things 2: I literally watched the second season in 2 days. Sadly, though, I couldn’t say it was as good as the first season. It still wanted you to watch more and the actors are phenomenal.


Pomegranates: A family friend gave us a butt-load of pomegranates. It reminds me of my childhood. I had a pomegranate tree, and my sister and I would throw the fruit on the concrete floor to crack it open and eat it’s stain-licking seeds.

Squash spaghetti: This is super easy to make! You also don’t have to buy the prepared squash spaghetti either! I didn’t that after you bake the squash, it already has the spaghetti texture.

Cheeseburgers: I want to stop eating beef, but for some reason I’ve had a hankering for cheeseburgers. Perhaps I need to up my protein intake.


Vinted: I spent 5 hours looking for a dress and shoes for the marine corps balls, and I couldn’t find anything I liked at the department stores or the mall, and if I did, it was too expensive. I found Target heels, that are still for sale at stores, for $10 less on Vinted. I just can’t seem to purchase new clothing anymore. Plus, I didn’t want to spend $100 for a dress I’d wear once and too much money on shoes that I know I’d only wear once in a while.

Cleaning: Shit, when they say your physical space is a representation of your state of mind, it’s true. When I was stressed out, my room and car became a horrid mess. It made me more anxious, but when I was ready to have a clean slate, I would deep clean, and I instantly felt better.

Basics: You know how you feel when there’s nothing to wear? Well, it’s because you don’t have the basics. If you have basics, you can always put together an outfit. As much as I love thrifting, I’m going to stop buying impulsively, and only purchase good material, quality, brands for my basics. I love that put together clean look. Plus, I’m an adult now; on some days I’d like to look like I’ve got my shit together.

Fitbymilly: She is fucking fit, and she gives great tips and information in her descriptions. She also replies to her comments, and is super sweet.

Massages: I had a massage recently, and it was amazing. It was only $40, and I want to make it a regular habit for myself when I have the money to spend because it was so therapeutic and healing. Especially since I work out and train jiu jitsu.




  • Monster Bash: I would like to do this next year, I found it a little too late where prices had already gone up, but it’ll definitely be on my bucket list for the Fall of 2018
  • Research local women’s health facilities & volunteer opportunities: I realized that right now I’d rather focus on job opportunities, so I’ll be looking at personal training that way I can ensure a stable income. Once I get that in place, I’ll do my research for volunteer work.
  • Research intermittent fasting: I didn’t get to it, but I’ll be doing it this month.
  • Walk Emmy once a week: I still would like to make time for this, this month.
  • Creativity – reading & writing: I scheduled this for this month.



How was your month of October? What did you accomplish or didn’t? Let me know down below!

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16 thoughts on “October Review //2017

  1. I love the way you list your goals! October was super hectic for me as well yet I feel I accomplished nothing to really note. My goals were pretty much the usual – eat well, exercise blah blah blah. I’ve got some new ones for this month which seem so much more aligned with who I am as a person (I’ve done a bit of soul searching haha!). Happy Birthday and I’m really glad to read you’re in a good place in terms of your ex.

    Also on the spending money on clothing, I’m exactly the same. I don’t want to spend money on clothing but oh my gosh, I’m spending a fortune on my wedding dress. I don’t know what came over me but it’s done now and it better be damn spectacular!

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    1. Haha yeah, I hate when that happens because then you just feel drained with no noticeable accomplishments. Thank you dear! Ooooh, we’ll we be able to get the chance to see it? I’m sure it will be spectacular!


  2. I love these types of post so much and the way they’re laid out – it makes me feel like I want to be productive (is that weird?) I need to watch Stranger Things 2, as I haven’t gotten round to it yet! xx

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  3. My October was similar to yours in the sense that everything went by in a blur and I can hardly remember anything that happened this month in vivid details! I have also been loving clearing out my wardrobe by donating/selling items and replacing things that have been laying around for months with no use with high-quality basics as this definitely makes it much easier to have something to wear on a daily basis. Wishing you a happy November!! ❤

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