Minimalism Style Challenge // Basic’s Wishlist

  • black beanie
  • nude bras
  • black tote bag
  • black booties
  • doc marten’s combat boots
  • doc marten’s oxfords
  • gucci loafers
  • white/ black button down: short & long sleeve
  • crew & v-necks: black, white, grey, neutral
  • slouchy turtle necks: grey & creme
  • black skinny jeans
  • good fitting jeans
  • moto jacket
  • camisole dress
  • camel coat


black beanie

nudebrasblack tote bag





white button downwhite button down long sleeve



Other Apparel:


moto jacket

slip dress


What do you consider as basics? And, anything you need to buy? Let me know in the comment section!

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8 thoughts on “Minimalism Style Challenge // Basic’s Wishlist

  1. Loved reading this! I’m in the process of trying to get my wardrobe a lot less cluttered and only keep the things I’ll deffo wear so this blog post will 10000% help me! I need to focus on getting staples! x

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  2. Yes to all of these, I’m in love! One of my plans for the beginning of next year is to clear out my wardrobe and fill it with basic pieces like these because they’re so minimalistic yet classy, and go with absolutely everything! xx

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