Discover + Design your Future Self // 2018 Planner.

Future Self Coaching Exercise

Hello lovelies,

If you don’t know what kind of future you want, we are going to do a fun exercise to help us figure out a general idea of what we want: whether that is far future or close future (that part is up to you). Right now we aren’t doing any planning. We are simply taking the time to figure out how you’d like to see yourself and your life.

Future Self Visualization

Close your eyes. Right now, you are leaving your space, whether you’re in your office chair, on the sofa, or wherever your body lies. Everything that surrounds you is quickly moving away from you. You are now in the future, whether it’s 5 or 10 years from now. It could even be tomorrow. We are creating our future. You are lying in bed. Feel the warmth and softness of the blankets. I want you to open your eyes in this vision. Take in your surroundings. What do you see? What do you hear? In this vision, I want you to imagine how your day will go. What will your spend your time on? Who will you see? While you imagine this day, I want you to see in great detail the colors, the lighting, the textures, to hear, to feel, and especially experience the emotion behind it all. 

Design your Future Self

When you’re done with this exercise you can either download this printable, and fill it out or in a notebook draw the person you saw. Surrounding this drawing, write down what you did, the kind of person you were, the emotions you felt, the relationships you had. Include anything that helps make that vision more of a reality.

If you’d like to take this one step further, open a pinterest account, and create a dream vision board. Pin all the images that encompass the life you’d like to live. Here is mine for example: Click the link to get ideas.

xx Natalie


How does your futures self look like? Let me know in the comment section! Or if you have pinterest vision board, I’d love to check them out! Leave me the link 😉

For more Resources:

Discover your future self by doing a visualization exercise.



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