My [ten] 2018 Goals

My 2018 Goals, & bucket list


I am so excited for this year even though I don’t think there will be much change. Nonetheless, I have a feeling deep inside of me that this year will be great. Especially after a difficult two years. I now feel like I have a clear direction of where I want to go, and hopefully with that, I can start achieving my dreams. Some main events that I’ll be expecting are: I will switch jobs from substitute teacher to a personal trainer, I’ll possibly move into a new home with my family, and I’ll attend school in spring and fall, and take an online class during the summer.


Simplify my life: relationships, space, time spent, and waste.

I love the idea of simplifying and minimalism, so I can have time for what matters to me. I want time to commit myself to my passions: jiu jitsu, strength training, writing, reading, exploring, and blogging.Β  I also want to reduce my waste, so I can ultimately reduce my carbon footprint. Some ways I will do this: declutter, buy basics for my wardrobe and makeup, and make my own cleaning supplies.

Have a group of friends who support me, inspire me, and who share common values/ interests.

I think it’s important for us to surround ourselves with people who inspire us because we are the average of the five people we spend most time with! I want to make sure that I’m growing, and I do things that are aligned with my values. Although it’s fun to have a night of drinking, it’s not something I enjoy doing every weekend. I want to travel with my friends, hike, rock climb, study, workout, and grow.


Add $870 to my Emergency savings, be comfortable with my monthly budgets, and to save money towards traveling.

I’m not making much at the moment, but I’d like to put away some money towards my savings. I also want to keep enough money into my checking account, so that when I start nursing school, which will be most likely paid by loans, I can use the money I’ve put away for my day to day living.

Have a balanced life, and to be more centered.

Last year I was scattered brain, and in myΒ 2017 reflection, I mention that one of my struggles was that I felt like I had so much to do in so little time. So, this year, I want to balance my areas of life by time managing my activities, and by practicing mindfulness through meditation, yoga, and attending group meetings.

Spend more time creating and exploring.

I want to explore not only the physical world around me, but by learning about the world through books! I also want to create more by taking more photographs and writing (journaling, blogging, and poetry).

Spend more quality time with my immediate family.

I may get some hate for this, but in all honesty, family is not one of my values. I appreciate and love my family, but it tends to fall behind my other values. Even though it does, I want to have a good relationship with them. I also want to show my appreciation of them by spending more time with them.

Have a balanced whole diet, and cut out foods that I cannot tolerate, and lose 10 lbs of fat.

So, I’m allergic to pretty muchΒ everything.Β No joke. I have a paper that lists all these foods that my body doesn’t respond well to from my doctor. It includes: wheat, seafood, peanuts, soybean, and corn. Not to mention that I have IBS, which includes a whole different list of foods that I should avoid. That being said, I don’t want to have a diet that includes only air, so my goal is to experiment with a gluten free and meatless diet. I may reduce even dairy as well. I also want to include veggies with all my lunches and dinners.

Increase my muscle mass in quads and glutes. I also want to tone my belly and to define my lower and upper back. I want my waist measurement to be 29/28″.

I love love fitness. I have no problem working out. I actually have a harder time honing in my diet. But, with fitness I’d like to continue jiu jitsu, strength training, and yoga. I also want to include more boxing sessions, which I kind of stopped doing last year. I just bought a fitness diary, so I can start tracking how much weights I’m lifting! I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Become a personal trainer at a good gym, and continue my pursuit to nursing career.

I’ve already enrolled into a CPT program, so I’m hoping to get a job before summer! I’m so excited to make this dream come true. For nursing, I simply have to continue my prerequisite core classes, and acing them πŸ˜‰

Set my branding on my blog, and gain 1,000 readers, and 600 visitors per month. For Instagram, I’d like to have 500 followers by the end of this year.

I want to narrow down my focus on my blog and have posts that my readers can expect. My goal is to expand my audience, so I can share what I know, and as I learn more about holistic health, I want to be able to disseminate my knowledge to help people help themselves.


My Bucket List for the year:

2018 Bucket list. Things to do, places to go, skills to learn


What are your goals for 2018? If you’ve already made a post about this, link it below, so I can read and comment!

xx Natalie

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12 thoughts on “My [ten] 2018 Goals

  1. These goals are so positive and refreshing I love it. I love the new year and the chance to just restart! I wish i’d of set some of these goals at the beginning of the year. I’ve done a brief and nowhere near as good set of goals on my blog wish i’d of been a bit more creative now ahaha X

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  2. Omg are you my twin??
    This is exactlyexactly exactly how I feel. Your first paragraph had me. These two years were devastating, I started this year with my dog being put down.
    I felt this so much, and i’m trying to save money too! one of mynext posts is going to show how I write a budget.
    I feel you on trying to spend more time with friends. I’m just one of those introverted people that want to get asked out to hang out, but when it happens i’m like “oh shit I’m not ready!!!”
    My goals are:
    – to gain a healthy weight (I’m 87 lbs)
    – get some mountain air
    – yoga daily
    – read more
    -self-love daily
    -go outside more and be with friends

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. My dog is getting old, and I’m worried about the day that I have to do the same 😦

      Ooooh I’d love to read that post! I love your goals. And, ah the mountain, I actually want to move near a mountain…. we may be twins πŸ˜‰

      p.s. Can you link me to your blog? I tried clicking on your link, but it says that it doesn’t exist!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. awww It’s very hard. He lived a very long life. I got his footprint and some of his hair. Spend the time you can with your dog because you can’t get it back.
        The mountains are definitely calling us we gotta go.

        I have 2 blogs! I didn’t know that happened now I can fix it. πŸ™‚ This is my crochet blog: and this is where i’m dumping poetry and books

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  3. I love that your goals all have a flow on effect because it means there’s no real reason not to achieve them. I haven’t started mine yet. I’m still in scatter brain mode so I have the weekend to myself and I’m going to sit down and go through the millions of worksheets I’ve printed out and work through them all. But I imagine most of my goals will be very similar to you – I already know that a big focus will be finding people who are in the same place as me. My friends are great but we’ve all been friends for 10+ years and our interests are very different and I’d like more people in my life with similar interests to me.

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    1. It’s so nice to hear from you! I hope you had a nice holiday break πŸ™‚ But, I can’t wait to see what you come up with after this weekend! I also get where you’re coming from with the friend situation. I’m also in the same place. Will you be posting this month?


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