What I eat in a day: 1.16.18

what i eat in a day with macros and calories

Hi lovelies,

I’m so excited to start posting more of what I eat in a day posts. In all honesty, this is a great day of what I ate. I am a boredom eater, so if I’m not busy and if I haven’t meal prepped, I tend to eat more. I  tend to eat probably 8 times a day with smaller snacks, but I hope to make the 6 times a day into a habit.

Also, I’m planning to include my workouts on future posts.

Before, you go on to see what I eat, I’d like to say that everyone has different bodies, and everyone reacts to foods differently. This meal plan is catered to my body! But, I put this out there, so you can get ideas and experiment!

Goal for the day:

2,150 calories. 269 g Carbs. 48 g Fats. 161 g Protein.


toast and eggs. High protein breakfast

Two hard-boiled eggs with gluten free toast and homemade jam.

53 g carbs 15 g fat 15 g protein

high protein snack: edamame; vegan snack

Gluten free crackers and 1/4 of edamame.

16 g carbs 7 g fat 4 g protein

high protein and low carb lunch

Turkey meat balls and Asian style veggies.

18 g carbs 8 g fat 19 g protein

vegan snack

Apple with 1 bar of chocolate and almonds.

29 g carbs 11 g fat 4 g protein

high protein low carb lunch

Ground turkey and bean tacos.

55 g carbs 7 g fat 23 g protein


Blueberry bagels with cream cheese and hazelnut spread with chocolate protein shake.

203 g carbs 16 g fat 36 g protein



2,124/ 2,150 calories

313/ 269 g carbs

64/48 g fat

101/161 g protein


I have a strong sweet tooth, so I have to make sure that in some way I can get my sweets. I also need to up my game for my protein intake. But, overall it was a successful day of food.

Among these meals, which do you tend to gravitate towards eating, or is there anything you’d like to try?

xx Natalie

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14 thoughts on “What I eat in a day: 1.16.18

  1. Um these look delicious and healthy?! How? I have to admit, I have a massive sweettooth too and I’m the same with needing to get my sugar fix with my healthy meals. Berries and chopped up dark chocolate can go on a lot of things really well, I have been finding 😀 xx

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      1. oh yes! I’m familiar with the keto diet, but I didn’t know that acronym! How’s it going so far for you? I also try to intermittent fast on the weekends, but man it’s tough. Have any tips?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohh okay! It’s actually not too hard for me since I was never a huge breakfast fan & rarely got hungry early in the mornings so it’s pretty convenient for me. It’s working out pretty well. I find it a lot easier than keto tbh!

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