The Type of Exercise that Burns Fat the Fastest!

the exercise that burns fat the fastest

Before I go ahead and share with you the quickest way to burn fat I’d like to give a disclaimer that I’m currently in the process of becoming a personal trainer and a nurse! So, I’m basically just teaching you what I’m currently learning.

Okay, let’s get to it! Now, I’m going to tell you the type of exercise that leads to fat loss the fastest way, but you still need to remember two things:

  1. You need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight: calories consumed < calories expending
  2. Do not forget your health: mental and physical! Take care of your body by feeding it nutritious food, not over training, and still learning to love your self as is!


What burns more calories: aerobic exercise or anaerobic (in a shorter period of time)?

Aerobic exercise: Exercises that are steady state. Ie. walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming etc.

Anaerobic exercise: Exercise that require short bursts of intensity and exertion. Ie. heavy weight lifting and sprinting.

Aerobic exercise tends to target fat as its main source of fuel. But, because aerobic exercise requires steady state, the intensity of the workout ranges from low to medium. So, it’ll require a longer session of that exercise to burn large quantities of calories. Ie. you only burn 400 calories for an hour of brisk walking. That’s pretty much only burning one decent sized meal of the day, and who wants to walk on the treadmill for an hour?

Anaerobic exercise may target more carbs than fat, but you’ll burn way more calories in a shorter amount of time. And, remember, you only need a calorie deficit to lose fat. You don’t need to only burn fat! So, depending on the intensity, if you did HIIT for an hour, you’ll burn approximately 540 calories! I mean if you’re doing HIIT, you won’t last for an hour, but that goes to show you can burn more calories for a shorter period.  And, you won’t stop burning calories when you’re done with your session. Your calorie expenditure keeps going. This is called excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and yields a greater EPOC than aerobic exercise. So, on top of that you’re burning much more calories at rest.

A great video to watch to see how weight training (anaerobic exercise) burns more calories than aerobic exercise + Natacha Oceane is a bad ass.



Anaerobic exercise burns more calories for a shorter time period during the actual training session, and burns more calories after the session (at rest).

But, in the end, it’s up to you! If you don’t enjoy doing HIIT or weight lifting, then continue doing what you love! Because if you’re not enjoying your workout, you’re less likely to commit to it.

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how to burn fat the fastest

7 thoughts on “The Type of Exercise that Burns Fat the Fastest!

  1. I tend to burn around the same when I compare dancing to HIIT workouts but you are right in that once I’m done working out I burn heaps more after HIIT than dancing. So I do a combination of both throughout the week because whilst I love dancing I tolerate HIIT but it’definitely has its benefits!

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