Room Redecoration Series | Work Space

Before, you get started reading this post, I have to warn you that it is fairly long. It’s mostly a guide for me when I start redecorating my room. I’ll be moving soon, and having my dream space is one of my priorities, so I’ll be focusing on this when I do move, and it’s super helpful to have this in hand. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.




I want it to be functional, clean, and a space of inspiration.

  • I want a minimal color palette of black, white, and earth tones.
  • There must be an open desk concept with a big space to work on top.
  • The chair must be stylish, but comfortable.
  • There must be lots of plants!
  • It must be a place of inspiration.
  • A place to store all my supplies.





Desk & Chair

These two below are both open desk concepts. I love the large working space on top, and how minimal the desk is without any drawers. I’d like to keep very little on top of my desk. At most, a decoration, a plant, and my most used supplies ie. pens and sticky notes.


Some desks and chairs I may consider purchasing:

The two desks are from IKEA. And, the chairs are both from Anthropologie.




I would like to have a shelving unit either placed on my wall or have a shelving unit that could be moved to store all my items.











I would like to use wired & woven baskets, photo boxes, and magazine holders to put my papers and supplies. For most often used pens, paper clips, & sticky notes, I’d like to have an acrylic organizer placed on the desk.



Some storage pieces that I may purchase:

All pieces were found from target.



I want artwork that follows the minimal scheme and color palette I’ve mentioned above. Since I do paint, I may simply just paint my own art that looks like the ones I’ve shown to save some money.


I may incorporate some photography as well and create a gallery. I would include photos of architecture, abstract, and nature. I love how this desk space still follows the minimal scheme and includes minimal art.











I love these leaf prints – I think those would be simple to recreate. I also love the idea of having this grid board above the desk, but instead of rose gold, I’d want it in black. And, there I could include some more art and photographs.

Some pieces I may consider purchasing or recreating:

So, I love the idea of including my favorite quote and putting it on my wall with a black frame. I also love dark art, so definitely would like to incorporate that, but with an earthy vibe.

Miscellaneous Pieces

I may consider creating a shelving unit simply for plants right above the desk or an acrylic calendar board.


xx Natalie

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8 thoughts on “Room Redecoration Series | Work Space

  1. I will be moving soon, too. I found your little guide to be extremely helpful and inspiring! Thank you for this post and for helping me organize my ideas for my new home!

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  2. I love all your items! We’re getting our floors done soon and once that happens I’ll be redoing both our lounge areas. I quite like redecorating but I think I like it in theory rather than actually doing it. Like you, I want simple items that are in neutral tones and I want the space to be functional for us.

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