April Goals + Refocus of 2018 Goals

April Goals of 2018

Spring is here in southern California. The days have become warmer and the sun is out longer. And, with Spring comes Spring cleaning to allow us to have that fresh start and refocus what’s important. So, that means it’s time for me to review the past 3 months and see if I’m still moving in the direction I intend to move toward or if I have forgotten my goals and sat idly.






3 goals for the next 3 months.

Looking at January through February, I’ve done pretty well with my ten 2018 goals. I’ve worked on simplifying my space by decluttering my wardrobe and ensuring that I do not purchase any impulse buys. I also have found two new friendships who support me and inspire me. And, although I haven’t spent much time on my blog, I still have my creative outlet by taking more photos. Lastly, I have a great routine for working out.

So, what I’d like to focus on the next three months to follow my ten 2018 goals are:

  1. Finish my CPT certification and apply for work as a personal trainer.
  2. Take photographs at Moorton Botanical Garden, the beach, and if possible the Mojave Desert or Mecca.
  3. Start going back to either codependent meetings or al anon.



April To Do

  • declutter digital space & office supplies
  • spring intentional shopping spree
  • tire rotation
  • massage date with Drue
  • day trip with Sirena & Kassy to either Palm Springs or Mojave Desert
  • see dermatologist for acne and mole
  • cut out pizza and dairy
  • donate/ sell clothes at Plato’s Closet or Savers
  • Cook a meal from farmer’s market ingrediants
  • complete 4 chapters of personal training text

Spring Goals of 2018

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11 thoughts on “April Goals + Refocus of 2018 Goals

  1. Please take some photos of the Mohave desert! I just finished organizing my craft room and now I’m tackling my email inbox and office space. I like the idea of spanning the months out like that – over view every quarter

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