2018 Summer Goals | Thrifted Ethical Fashion

thrifted ethical fashion and a chat about summer goals

thrifted ethical fashion and a chat about summer goals

Hello blogging family.

It’s been a long while since my last blog post. I haven’t given up on this endeavor, but in terms of priority it has fallen behind. I have this entire summer off, and I’m excited to reach some personal goals of mine! It’s a wonderful period to continue and tackle your yearly goals. This is the half way point of the year, and if you are a student, you have the time off to focus all your attention on them. I won’t be slaving away my life for my science core classes for nursing, although it did pay off, so here I am presenting my summer goals for 2018.

  • Rid my space of anything that doesn’t serve me by selling or donating
  • Organize my space
  • Fix my car or buy a new car
  • Finish NASM personal training program
  • Spend time exploring and gaining new experiences
    • ride horse on beach
    • spa day with friends
    • hike Palomar Mountain
    • kayak in La Jolla caves or Lake Tahoe
  • Reach 300 followers on Instagram
    • post 3x a week
  • Reach 1,000 views per month on blog
    • post 2 blog posts a week
  • Read 3 books
    • The blood of a Vampire
    • Sapiens: A brief history of human kind
    • Attached
  • Be able to do 5 pull ups, run a mile in 10 min, lose fat, and gain muscle
  • Put money into savings
    • travel and hair laser removal
  • Study jiu jitsu
    • review videos and go in an extra day simply to drill


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2018 summer goals


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6 thoughts on “2018 Summer Goals | Thrifted Ethical Fashion

  1. Lots of great things to do! Also I love your outfit here! You look great 🙂 And I’ve gone over and followed you on Instagram to help with that goal.. and because your Instagram looks great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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