My Fitness Progress: January – June 2018

I have been pretty reluctant in sharing these photos with you for two reasons:

  1.  I’m embarrassed of sharing my before photos. I hate the way my body looks.
  2. I’m uncomfortable with displaying my body on the internet.

But, I think it’s important to realize that this is to encourage others to put work into their physical and mental health.

So, although I’ve been an athletic person since my high school years, I didn’t start taking my fitness journey serious until January of this year.

Here were my measurements and weight for January:

I weighed at 149 lbs and measured at –

  • 31.7 inch waist
  • 38.9 inch hips
  • 36 inch chest

And, here are my measurements and weight for June:

I weigh at 155 lbs and measure at –

  • 77.5 cm/ 30.5 inch of waist
  • 82.4 cm/ 32.4 inch of navel
  • 92.7 cm/ 36.5 inch of hips
  • 88.6 cm/ 34.8 inch of chest
  • 57.2 cm/ 22.5 inch of quads

Note: I recently started measuring my quads and navel to get a more precise look at the changes of my body composition.

Differences from January to Now

  • I DROPPED a whole inch off my waist!
  • I DROPPED a whole inch off my chest! (not that I wanted to lose my boobs, but hey I might’ve dropped back fat.
  • I DROPPED 2 inches off my hips!





I’m so proud of my progress, and I still l have more work to do, but I wanted to celebrate my successes thus far! In upcoming posts I’ll share what I did to get where I am today, and what my goals and plan are for the next 6 months.


Are you on a fitness journey?  If so, when did you start and where are you on your journey? Let me know in the comment section!

xx Natalie


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