The Blood of the Vampire | Book Review


I am a huge fan of gothic literature. It’s been awhile for me to have read a good fictional text. The last one I had read was Carmilla, another vampire piece. I was fascinated by it, and wanted to find something similar.


Blood of the Vampire, written in 1897, doesn’t take the usual stance in vampire literature. The protagonist, Harriet Brandt, is not aware of her ability to take one’s life. Instead of a horror text, this piece focuses on the relationships that are entangled with Harriet Brandt’s, and how her lack of awareness of her vampire tendencies and lack of good judgement create peril for those who encounter her.


Rating & Review

I’d give this text a 6/10.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the text’s plot nor the way it was written. I love to fall in love with the author’s writing and how creative they can become, but I felt as Florence Marryat would drop a description of  characters or places obtrusively in your face in order to get down the appearances. There was no weaving or creativity in it. What pushed me to read the rest of the text though was the characters, and simply where would each character end up.

Recommend to

those who love drama, love story, gothic literature



Do you like reading gothic fiction? Or vampire novels? If so, what are your favorites?



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8 thoughts on “The Blood of the Vampire | Book Review

  1. I’ve always been interested in so many genres, and this sounds super interesting! I found your blog while trawling through the comments section, and I’m glad to have done so – it’s always great having more awesome bloggers as friends. Let’s connect, I’ve just followed ya girlie x


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  2. I’m not sure if it counts as gothic fiction, but I really loved Rebecca by Daphne Demaurier 🙂 And I’m ALWAYS a big fan of a good vampire read. The vampire lestat is probably one of my fave vampire books atm xx

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