My Fitness Goals + Plan for the next 6 Months

01 goal

My first goal is to increase overall muscle mass from 31.5 lbs to 45 lbs. I want to target the increase of muscle mass in my arms of 2 lbs, so I’m starting with 6 lbs and want to end with a total of 8 lbs per arm. And, the second area I’d like to target are my legs by  increasing them to 5 lbs of lean muscle from 17.66 lbs to 23 lbs.

02 goal

My second goal is to decrease overall body fat mass from  39.9 lbs to 32 lbs.  I’ll do this by having a calorie deficit of 250 kcals per day, and thus, I’ll lose a lb of fat every two weeks. I can either calculate a 2,096 kcal daily allowance or a 14,672 weekly allowance. Slow and steady wins the race. I’m not trying to starve myself!  I love food, and I want to be able to enjoy it, so opting for a slower route will help me. If I do this right, I should lose this amount in 16 weeks or a total of 4 months, so by November!

the plan

  • Calculate macros and eat around 180 g of protein. 63 g of fat. And, 202 g of carbs daily.
  • On high intensity workout days eat a higher portion of carbs and lower portion of protein. On rest days, eat low carbs.
  • Intermittent fast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7 PM to 10 AM


workout schedule

Since I’ll be starting school again in August, this is totally subject to change to my needs then, but generally I’d like to fit in:

  • Jiu Jitsu – 3 x
  • 4 Strength workouts + combined with 2 HIIT days
    • Core + HIIT
    • Upper Body + HIIT
    • Lower Body 2x
  • Opt: Boxing and reviewing jiu jitsu techniques
  • Yoga at home 3x
  • One group class

The Strength workout plan may also be subject to change. This is my focus on increasing muscle mass, but after I achieve my goal of increasing it, I’ll focus on more on high intensity fat burning workouts.


What were your fitness goals for 2018? How far are you from achieving them? And, what’s your plan to get there? 

xx Natalie

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2 thoughts on “My Fitness Goals + Plan for the next 6 Months

  1. It’s amazing that you’re putting so much effort into staying fit, and working out really is one of the mu=ost fun things of my day!Fitness is awesome!But, calorie restriction is not the way to go!I learned this the hard way, but if you stop restricting, it will save you from a LOT of damage.Healthy eating and working out works wonders!Great post!

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