What I Eat in a Day 7.26.18

It’s been awhile since I’ve tracked my food intake or been consciously aware of it. I’d say it’s been about a month since I started my new job. I’m hoping to do at least once a week of what I eat in a day to keep myself accountable.




  • Meal 1: Maple + brown sugar oatmeal with nectarine and blueberries. Added Isonatural protein powder.  [380 cals, 62 c, 4 f, 26 p]
  • Meal 2: Chicken salad with black beans, corn, unsalted sunflower seeds, and avocado.  [322 cals, 23 c, 13 f, 34 p]
  • Meal 3: Falafel Gyro with french fries. [1,168 cals,  108 c, 34 f, 19 p]




  • Snack 1: S’mores (I had two, and didn’t picture the other)
  • Snack 2: Graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate.

For both snacks [542 cal,  73 c, 25 f, 12 p]

Total Calories + Macros vs. Goal Calories + Macros

2,037 cal / 2,096 cal

266 c/ 209 c

76 f/ 58 f

91/ 183 p

Review of Intake + What I Can Do Better

Today wasn’t the greatest of days because I didn’t plan my meals ahead of time and I didn’t check my macros throughout the day to see what I needed. It’s obvious that I need to up my protein game. I could’ve had a high protein snack like greek yogurt or a protein shake to get closer to my protein goal. I had one really high calorie meal,  which wasn’t a problem because I still stayed within my calorie range, but I could’ve easily balanced that with low calorie, high volume foods if I still wanted to eat. I’d give myself a 6/10 for today. I give myself above a 5 for simply tracking my foods, and I dock myself points for having refined grains (graham crackers) and not including more veggies and high protein snacks.

what i eat in a day.png

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What tactics do you use to make sure your are eating your best? Are you an intuitive eater or do you track your macros? I’d like to know what works best for you, so that I can try out new methods to improve my eating! Let me know in the comment section.

xx Natalie

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6 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day 7.26.18

  1. Personaly I don’t count anything (except I avoid foods with to much fat).
    What worked best for me is eating smaller meals but more often, lots of water, I also avoid dairy as much as I can (I only eat plain yogurt; I don’t use any sort or milk.), I try to incomporate more veggies and I started to eat breakfast.
    I’m lucky because we have a garden and we get quite of veggies and some fruit from there. (Not sure if that makes any difference in my dieat but I can tell a difference in products we sometimes have to buy.)
    Overall, I would say I saw the biggest difference when I started to eat more light meals, fruit for snack and I started to work out a bit.

    I hope you don’t mind this long comment.:)
    Good luck on your journey!xx

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    1. Oh, you’re so lucky! I’d love to have a garden of my own, but I’m sure it definitely does make a difference because you’re more inclined to eat fresh veggies and fruits. I, too, personally prefer smaller lighter meals. Thanks for all the tips, and, of course I don’t mind the comment, I actually welcome it! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Everything looks so yummy! I love having s’mores for a snack. I usually have two, too. 😉 I usually don’t track any of my eating, I’m an intuitive eater, for sure. Loved this post!

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