July Diaries. 2018

July Diaries (1)

July 2018.

Mid-summer, and still no school. Started working at my local gym and met friendly faces, and faces that I would no longer like to see again.

4th of July is usually spent at barbecues with friends and family next to a body of water. And, that’s what I did. Except it was my boyfriend’s friends. I’d like to believe they’ve become my own as well. The sun was high at Dana Point, California, but not too exacerbating. The shore was rocky, and made the water uninviting, but nonetheless, I enjoyed my afternoon lying on the sand and in the arms of my love.

Other than the beach, my love and I sought entertainment at book and comic book stores. We tried two restaurants, both fancy, but both overpriced. We still enjoyed our go-to dining places: Kampai Sushi and Rolling Moon Sushi. I showed him Interstellar and he was just as enraptured as I was.

All my time was not spent with my boyfriend though. I made sure to have time with my girlfriends. My friend was kind enough to host pool get-togethers. We sipped on margaritas and other mixed drinks, dipped ourselves in the cool water, barbecued, and one noon, had a shrimp dish indoors.

Lastly, I’d like to remember that I rekindled a friendship with someone who is dear to me, but maybe I didn’t realize initially how important they were to me.

Some realizations I had this month are:

  • Don’t let a friendship go to waste if you enjoy the individual’s companionship.
  • I do not enjoy any fast food meals. So, I don’t want to waste my money and  health on that.
  • I aimlessly spent my money on snacks at grocery stores and at work because I was ill-prepared.
  • I truly enjoy journaling and bullet journaling.
  • Communication can save any relationship. Being honest with yourself and your loved one can allow you to reconnect with them and become closer to them.
  • I love working on puzzles, but I’ve realized that I do not enjoy doing them with multiple people, at most, one other. But, even better, by myself.
  • Claiming people as your friends does not make them your friend. If they are there for you, and you for them, and if you spend quality time with them one on one makes them your friend. Stop wasting your time on people who don’t matter to you, and which you don’t matter to them.



What was most memorable about July for you? And, what memories do you plan on making in August? Let me know in the comment section!

xx Natalie


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18 thoughts on “July Diaries. 2018

  1. Loved this, sounds like you had a really lovely July:)
    And I’ve recently had the same realisation about friendships and whether they’re truly your friend or not, it’s difficult but it’s a really great thing to realise!

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    1. It is tough! I think I falsely want to believe they are, but then I’m left dissapointed and hurt. I’d rather understand where I stand in a relationship, so I don’t have to feel those things. I’m glad you feel the same way, and I hope you do have a few friends you know you can count on. xx

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      1. I know it’s always the worst when you think someone is a true friend but they don’t really feel or act in the same way! But thank you so much I definitely do have a few friends that I can truly count on and talk to… I hope you have the same 🙂

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  2. Such a beautiful writing… ❤
    Communication is always the key and taking care of your friends is also really really important.
    Must say this month was filled with memories. Good ones and bad ones and I don't really know which one I would point out because the list would go on and on.
    In general, I'd say, spending time with my family and friends and doing things I love was threaded through every day of July. xx

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      1. Well, in overall picture I held the positive side.
        Unfortunately, we found out our family friend might be seriously sick and big musician (Oliver Dragojević) from our country, who was famous world wide, sadly passed away… it’s both sad but on a bright side, I had fun with friends and finally got my summer student job.
        Thank you for asking ❤

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  3. I resonated with some of your realizations this month. July consisted of lots of thinking, whenever I wasn’t working or enjoying my time with dear friends. Hopefully August brings a lot of beautiful adventures and memories to remember forever. I wish the same to you ❤

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  4. That visual is everything!! Also, I really liked what you wrote about friendships and how you realized that 1) sometimes working a little hard in a friendship is worth it and 2) friendship is defined by actions, not lables. Great post Natalie, I always really enjoy reading your content! x

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