WILD FLOWER | a word about resiliency


I had two paragraphs written down, but found myself deleting the words on the screen. They were words of a child’s complaint. My complaint. But, as I read over them, I realized how foolish I’ve been reacting.

I was going to express how frustrated I’ve been because of my current ailment. (I have a slipped disc) And, how it’s been keeping me from doing the things I love. Like training and running.

But, I know that this isn’t permanent. I feel it in me that this isn’t forever. I know I will never let anything stop me from doing the things I love. Yes, right now I have to slow it down and heal. But, I won’t give up. I’ll do everything I can to strengthen my body and to not allow any further damage afflict me.

Wild Flower, a blog post about how to change your mindset to be grateful in times of hardship. Learn resiliency,
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Instead of complaining. I should be thankful! Yes, thankful. I was able to catch this before it became worse. I have health insurance to help with costs to go to the chiropractor and I have a job that doesn’t force me to sit all day.  So, instead of complaining to you all, I wanted to share that I can see that the universe isn’t against me. Rather, it is supporting me. It is teaching me to be strong, to be a fighter, and to be thankful for what I have, and the capabilities I’ve been gifted (to run, swim, dance, train jiu jitsu, and lift).

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I’m the wild flower in the garden of the universe. It nurtures me with the sun and rain, and in times of adversity, drought and blight, I may wither, but my seeds are rooted deep into the ground and sprout after years, like the poppies have in southern California.

Has there been a time where you’ve been through a hardship and couldn’t see the light in the end of the tunnel, but eventually you did? Let me know in the comment section. I’d love to hear your story.

xx Natalie

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13 thoughts on “WILD FLOWER | a word about resiliency

  1. Being positive and trying to see the good side in things is honestly the best way of approaching life. I used to be a lot more pessimistic, but I’ve been learning to see the good in everything. There always is at least one good thing even in the worst situation. Keep staying strong and fight! It can only get better

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  2. It will get better! It’s a slow process to heal but it’s good you found out now. ❤

    I actually have back problems and I found out about it eight months ago. (Not sure how it's translated in english but it's something like lumber disc tear L5S1 or a harniated disc. What they told me was, it's caused by a lot of sitting and than sudden high itensity training who wasn't constant.)
    Now I feel a lot better but I must stretch and do back exercise every single day otherwise I feel my back hurting a little. My doctor didn't send me to any specialist even tho I think she might could.
    I'll probably have to find some private doctor to look for the other oppinion; but they are quite expensive.
    Until then, long walks, the right back exercise and less sitting helped me keep everything under control.xx

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    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear! The back problem I have is the same as yours, but yours has gone to a worse stage, so I’m trying to prevent that from happening! Thanks for the tips! I’m going to try to do the same and I hope you can see an affordable specialist soon 💜

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  3. I realized earlier this week how negative I have been in so many aspects, and I have been trying to turn that around. It’s definitely a hard habit to break, but life gets better when you think positively. We’re so lucky to be here and have the things we have and just breathing and feeling alive is the best feeling in the entire world for me. I do forget often that I’m ALIVE and that I’m the one getting in the way of my own happiness. Love seeing people realize the same or rather voicing exactly what I’ve been feeling recently. Love that synchronicity! ❤ Great post by the way! xx

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  4. I really belive in the power of positive thinking. I’ve had surgeries for my curviture of the spine. At the time, I remember taking months and months to heal, feeling sorry for myself and quite weak. But now, I think it’s made me a much stronger person. And although my back will always be different, I feel it forces me to keep pushing and take better care of myself.
    I hope you heal soon. I’m glad you are looking at the inner strength this is giving you. One day, I’m confident you will look back and find a sense of happiness for how you have weathered the storm 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you dear. This means so much to me. And, I’m glad to hear how successful you’ve been through your surgery. That must’ve been really difficult to deal with. And, there’s no shame in feeling sorry for yourself in that moment! I know if I would’ve went through the same thing, I would’ve felt the same way. Thank you for sharing. x

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