2018 Fitness Collaboration | August Review + September Goals


Hi lovelies, I’ve recently joined a fitness collaboration with these amazing ladies RossySarah, and Courtney. These women are the definition of girl power. They lift each other up to become their best selves. If they fail, they don’t give up. They keep working for their health and happiness. So, I’m so honored to be a part of their collaboration!

We will be posting on the first Monday of every month through December at 8am PST (3pm GMT for Sarah in the UK).  Although I’ve failed to make the deadline of my first post. But, nonetheless, here it is!



I’ve increased my muscle mass from 31.5 lbs to 33.1 lbs. And, thankfully two pounds of muscle mass was added to my legs! Which, was the game plan. Eventually I want to be a total of 45 lbs of muscle mass. And, be a total of 23 lbs in legs, but right now I’m at 18.89 lbs.


I’ve dropped my overall fat mass from 39.9 lbs to 33.4 lbs! That’s 2 lbs away from my goal of a fat mass of 32 lbs. I’m thinking of of dropping to 28 lbs if I reach 32 lbs early. Plus, I’m not entirely sure if this reading was accurate because I had worked out before the test, but I’m hoping that it’s generally around the same results. I can also proudly say that I’ve started eating gluten and dairy free, so this may also have resulted in weight loss. I haven’t counted calories either because of how busy I’ve been, but trying my best to eat more intuitively.


I still have the same goals above, but I’m adding two important additional ones.


I’ve recently gone dairy and gluten free because I believe something that I’ve been consuming has been affecting me negatively, physically and mentally. So, if gluten and dairy aren’t the causes, I want to experiment with other foods.


I’ve injured myself with a herniated disc and in turn I have tight hamstrings, calves, and now I believe I also have achilles tendonitis. So, this may mean to take a break from high intensity or strenuous workouts such as jiu jitsu, boxing, plyometrics, or intense leg days, and focus on core, balance, and stretching.


How is your fitness journey progressing? Do you have any goals for this month of September?

xx Natalie

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20 thoughts on “2018 Fitness Collaboration | August Review + September Goals

  1. I’m so glad you commented on one of my posts earlier because I’m loving your blog! The inspirational and informative content is exactly what I need.

    My goals for the month are also to eat foods that support my health – and re-determine what those might be. Hoping this will result in overall fat loss, and maybe all the muscle I’ve been building will be a little more obvious! Thanks again for the inspiration!

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  2. Ugh, August just wasn’t the month for me if we talk working out and eating healthy but I think it’s always important to pick yourself up and do something – because, baby steps.
    Loved this post! I love to read and learn more about that stuff so thanks for sharing your journey. xx

    p.s. Such a cute photo collages!

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  3. I love these posts of yours so much, they make me want to set more fitness goals for myself! I really want to start by being more aware of what I eat – I already only eat organic fruits, vegetables and meats but I’ve read so many articles on foods that are supposedly healthy but actually end up having a lot of unhealthy chemicals in them, so I really want to try and learn as much as I can. Great post as always x

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    1. I’m glad! Because that’s my ultimate goal is to inspire others, and in turn it pushes me even more haha. And, you eat so well! Yes, I’m constantly learning too. It’s tough to figure out what are the fads and what is backed up by science. But, I wish you luck on your journey. xx

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  4. I LOVE this! It is great to workout with people. They push you and hold you accountable and I love that you are collaborating with other bloggers! Keep up the amazing work! I am just hoping that my crazy schedule combined with the shorter days won’t deter me from my morning runs 🙂 ❤

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  5. You are absolutely fantastic, Natalie! I’m so impressed and even more motivated by you. I love how you are able to measure exactly how much muscle weight you carry versus fat. I don’t know how to do that, but that’s a great idea for measuring exactly how much you are progressing. Also, that’s such a bummer about your herniated disc and resulting complications. You are doing fabulously despite those setbacks. Focusing on stretching and core may be a great option. You got this! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Courtney! That makes me happy, because it honestly motivates me more when I see others being motivated haha. Yes, I love this method because I wasn’t seeing much change in my measurements, but I do this through a scale that’s called inbody testing. My work, the gym, has it, so I use it there! But, you can find one at nutritional shops like GNC I believe.

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  6. I’m so happy that you are practically meeting all your goals. I think eventually when I get toned enough to the point where I’m happy with my shape, I will also want to increase muscle mass.
    And I can’t believe that you’re so incredibly active even though you suffered an injury! You go girl!!
    Good luck this month!

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    1. Thank you Rossy! That sounds like a good plan! And, being active helps me with my back pain, as long as I avoid exercises that can further injure me haha. But, sitting and lying all day actually hurts my back more. And, thank you! You too. 🙂

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