2018 Summer Goals Recap

I was counting on having plenty of free time over the summer, so I had created a summer guide for myself, which you can read here. Of course, life happens, and not everything can get done, but the things that matter to you most, you’ll find every opportunity to make room for it. So, let’s see what I accomplished over the summer.

summer goals recap

unplanned accomplishments


Kayaking will have to wait for the warmer months. I missed that opportunity. And, if I want 1,000 views per month on my blog. I have to step up my game. I’d really like to focus on blogging these upcoming months. I have all these great ideas for content, but I never execute them, so I’m definitely going to make a plan to be more active.

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It’s time for me to make fall/winter goals, so you’ll see those soon in an upcoming post! What did you accomplish over the summer? And, were there things you didn’t, but still would like to complete? Let me know in the comment section!

xx Natalie

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15 thoughts on “2018 Summer Goals Recap

  1. Love your images girly – so aesthetic and pretty! I think it’s so helpful to track your goals and you’ve done a lot… I initially made a summer bucketlist, managed to achieve pretty much nothing on it and then moved to Australia so I have another shot at summer LOL 😉 xx

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  2. It sounds like you had a really successful summer overall!! You accomplished some great goals and isn’t it a good feeling when unplanned accomplishments happen as well? 🙂 I still need to put together my summer bucket list recap but it’s likely going to be sad because I think I missed a lot, haha.

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    1. haha honestly Courtney, it felt like I didn’t accomplish much, but I created that unplanned for accomplishments, just to remind myself that life isn’t only about goals and to do lists because I often lose my head around that. So, don’t worry too much about it!

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  3. That’s amazing that you were able to accomplish some goals whilst also accomplishing some that were unplanned. And jiu jitsu always looked so interesting to me, that’s so cool that you’re studying it. And whale watching is something I’d love to do as well!!

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  4. You took beautiful photos and I love the way you display your goals! Hope you’re going to persue everything you imagined ❤ Personally I think my biggest goal and accomplishment was when I passed all of my exames because it was really important to me. xx

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