Hi lovelies, RossySarah, Courtney, and I are all collaborating with one another to pursue our fitness goals. These women are the definition of girl power. They lift each other up to become their best selves. If they fail, they don’t give up. They keep working for their health and happiness. So, go ahead and check out their blogs to gather inspiration and motivation!

We will be posting on the first Monday of every month through December at 8am PST (3pm GMT for Sarah in the UK).  I’m a day behind today though. 



I’ve decreased my muscle mass from 33.1 lbs to 31.5 from August, but overall I’ve still gained from January. I’m not too upset about this because I don’t think my last body test was accurate because I had worked out right before I took it. Overall though I have increased a little muscle mass in my legs from 17.66 to 17.86 and my arms from 6.04 to 6.26. I’ve been working on my split routine of 4 strength workouts a week, but I’ve missed a few here and there, so overall I think I’ve been training 3 times out of the week.


I’ve dropped my overall fat mass from 39.9 lbs to 35.3 lbs, but from August I’ve increased. Which, again, I’m not sure if it was accurate. My body fat reading in August was 33.4, which I’m not too worried about even if I did gain. Fitness isn’t linear!


For the first two weeks, I did well from abstaining from gluten and dairy, and the third week I had given up and gave in because I was not seeing the results I wanted, which is clear skin. But, the last week I returned to eating very little of gluten or dairy, and I meal prepped my food which allowed me to eat healthy.


I did very well and I stayed away from high intensity workouts, and practiced yoga and stretching which helped the pain go away from my achilles tendon, and it helped prevent any pain in my glutes or back. I worked on plenty of core workouts to help aid my lower back as well.


So, I still have the same 3 goals, but through this plan below.

  • Strength train 4 times a week of a split of upper, lower, core, and full body workouts. Focus on increasing muscle mass to 34 lbs by increasing weights and high reps of 12-15. Decrease body fat to 33 lbs by choosing exercises that are standing, propioceptive challenging, faster tempo, and supersets.
  • Cardio train of 15 minutes, 2 times a week during the days I train lower body and full body workouts, and 30 minute cardio with core and upper body workouts.
  • Go to yoga class two times a week.
  • Either train jiu jitsu 2x a week and teach kid’s class 1x a week. Or teach kid’s class 2x a week.
  • Eat foods that are good for my gut, by increasing veggies with my lunch, and a veggie juice or smoothie daily and by avoiding foods that irritate my stomach: wheat, corn, peanut, soy, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.

How was your health during the month of September? Did you have any set backs? If so, let me know in the comment section! That way I can support you as well on your journey. You are already giving me the support by reading today! 


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    1. Karen! I’m glad it did! I really like to follow certain instagram influencers, those who are about the holistic approach when it comes to fitness and health, not just the easy way out and about losing weight etc., and seeing their daily stories about what they eat, workout, and how they are mentally doing because usually that motivates me! But, I’m glad I could give a little nudge!

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  1. This is such a great collaboration idea, thank you for sharing this with us! I love your fitness reviews and goals, it’s always so interesting to read. I definitely haven’t been working out as much as I’d like to but I at least tried to get those 10000 steps in everyday. Moving countries was stressful, but now that I feel like I’m settled in a little more, I’m ready to get back to my exercise routine! xx

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    1. Oh! I bet that is super stressful, so that’s a good reason to be off schedule, so I hope you don’t worry too much about it! But, that’s an amazing goal! Were you able to usually reach it?


  2. Love this idea! The month of September was a great one for me in terms of fitness. I got back into a regular workout routine and fine tuned my diet. While I don’t have exact numbers, I know I’ve gained muscle and lost fat and I’m feeling great!

    Anyway, I’m excited to follow along with all of you and hopefully stay on track!

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    1. That sounds awesome Kelsi! Numbers isn’t important, so I love you know you feel great! I just use the numbers to see an accurate reading for my progress, but ultimately it is how I feel too! 🙂


  3. Great job with your training in September!! It sounds like you had a good month overall with your exercising. What a bummer that cutting dairy and gluten didn’t make too much of a difference for your skin, but hopefully cutting at little will at least help you to feel healthier. I like the idea of meal prepping. I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard it’s helpful for staying on track with healthy choices!

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      1. Meal prepping would absolutely minimize the temptation to get takeout! Plus, I love the idea of just grabbing something out of the fridge instead of cooking a meal at the end of the day. I may have to look more into meal prepping. 🙂

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  4. Great with the workouts to help heal your achilles tendon! And core exercising is key for strengthening your back, I always find my back pain is less when I’m consistent with core exercising and strengthening 🙂

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  5. Girl you’re doing so well! From 4 workouts to 3 is still pretty good, that’s what happened to me too at the end of September lol. But you’re still staying active and that’s what counts. I have started doing yoga too because I have noticed that even though I’m able to do a lot more reps, some of them make my back hurt, and I might be doing them wrong even though it doesn’t feel like I am, but my lower back has always hurt so idk lol. Yoga helps with the pain though I totally agree.
    And keep going girl, those goals for this month sound totally attainable for you!

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    1. Thank you Rossy! And girl, you too, we’ve been so hard on ourselves, but we’ve been doing pretty well. It might be a possibility! I’ve injured myself with repetitive use not knowing I was doing it wrong until the back pain started to creep up on me. Yoga really helps and if you’d ever like a second opinion on your form, you can always send me a video and I can share what I see. ☺️

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      1. I’ll have to ask my husband to check and see how it looks and depending on what he says I’ll consult with you lol. I’ve been doing a lot more yoga lately than the full body workouts..

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