October is my favorite month of the year. And, not only because my birthday lands within it, but because of the fall clothes, all things pumpkin flavor, spooky movies, and stormy weather.

I’d envisioned this month with cozy blankets wrapped around me and hot coco with rain pattering on my windows. We were lucky enough to get a thunderstorm with pouring rain, but it only lasted for one night, and the next day, the sun rose high and Fall had left just as quickly as it came.


I wanted to carve pumpkins and put on classic scary films. But, I think I wanted this picturesque life that I ended up being unhappy because events didn’t pan out the way I wanted them to.

Instead, I should’ve been holding onto the moments that actually occurred, and appreciate the time I had with my loved ones. I should’ve held onto the moment with my boyfriend when he mistakenly carved our pumpkin wrong… I should’ve laughed, and I should’ve enjoyed dress shopping with my sister and her friend. Stress did me no favor. It made me unhappy, and kept me from enjoying the moment to the fullest.  And, I shouldn’t have felt alone because I have wonderful friends, a heart warming boyfriend, who may not always get it, but he tries even when everything else is coming down on him.

So, here are the moments I will cherish:

My birthday was celebrated with breakfast at Denny’s, gifts, and painting in my bedroom with fairylights dangling on my window sill with two beautiful friends. I spent my Saturday snuggling in all day with my boyfriend and watching scary movies. I spent two evenings with two different friends and watched a scary movie with cookies. I taught jiu jitsu class to kids, and I finally have my own clients as a personal trainer! It was a memorable month. And, with its ups and downs, it was better than picturesque, it was real. And, these moments, make me who I am.



  • My Job: I used to dread going to work, but I love love my job so much, and it’s so fun to challenge people with fitness, and it’s fun to see their progress in getting stronger, having more endurance, and achieving the body they want.
  • Yoga: This month I’ve learned how much I love yoga and want to pursue it to the point where I eventually want to teach it. It’s centering, challenging, and fun.
  • Fitbit charge 3: It’s waterproof, tracks my steps, my workouts, my period, and my sleep. I’m so in love with this watch, and it’s a great investment if you enjoy keeping track of your health.  You can purchase here.


  • A House on Haunted Hill: A netflix original series. This may be considered slow paced for some, but, wow! I binge-watched this because it had the perfect amount of creepy, and the perfect amount of mystery. The characters were phenomenal, and their acting! I’d definitely recommend to anyone who loves mystery, ghosts, and familial drama.
  • American Horror Story: Apocalypse: I was such a fan of the first season of American Horror Story, and I ended up watching to half the season of coven, but I fell out of like with it because none could top Horror House, but this one has been such a pleasure because it revisits and connects the other seasons. So, it’s cool to watch.
  • Hell’s Kitchen: This one makes me laugh because I was wondering why my boyfriend was so into this show, but he got me hooked too. It’s just fun to watch when I want to be lazy, but it also makes me want to try new meals to cook.
  • Hereditary: This is one of my favorite horror films ever. Truly, a fantastic, disturbing film. It makes you question if it’s a psychological horror, or if it’s supernatural horror.


  • Nature’s Path Pumpkin Spice Waffles: pumpkin flavored waffles, and gluten free, and whole grain. Need I say more? Check them out here
  • Old Market Grill: Almost every week I have gone to Old Market Grill, a greek, local restaurant and have purchased their falafel pita meals with fries. Yum – the best




How was your October? What was the most difficult part of it, and what was the most memorable?

xx Natalie

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15 thoughts on “OCTOBER DIARIES. 2018

  1. Huge hugs. You can’t beat yourself up. We all get stressed out. Those in our lives who love us get it, and if they don’t they are not meant to be in our life. Happy Belated Birthday! I am so glad you are enjoying yoga! What kind are you doing? I use to be a teacher, and taught hot vinyasa and restorative (two completely opposite practices that actually complimented each other!:) I hope you have an amazing November! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I just have to remember that. And, thank you dear! I’m not sure if I’m doing a certain kind – I’m not doing hot or power yoga for sure though. That’s so awesome that you did, I remember reading that when you mentioned it in one of your blog posts when you did the yoga class. Thank you, I hope you do too!


  2. It’s so annoying when we build something up in our mind to be a certain way and when that doesn’t happen we class it as a fail. I think that’s a trap a lot of us fall into with the way society and social media is nowadays! Great job acknowledging it before it was too late to really appreciate the memories! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on getting your very own clients to train! I can’t wait for Netflix to get AHS Apocalypse. I loved all seasons but I agree that none of them topped Horror House. 😛

    I hope your November is a bit better than your October & you’ll be all stress-free. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You already know how much I admire this series on your blog – this installment is no different, absolutely stunning, both visually and content-wise. I will definitely listen to that Billie Eilish mix playlist later, it sounds perfect for autumn walks! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m the same way, i think of how I want things to go a certain way and stress myself out when they don’t turn out as such lol. I’m glad that you reminded yourself to be in the moment and to enjoy the little moments where things don’t go your way.
    And I’m glad that you had a wonderful birthday, I actually wished you a happy birthday on our little IG group chat lol.
    And I’ve been loving yoga as well. I love that it’s a full body workout, it wakes up the body, and it makes me feel so relaxed and ready to take on the day with such positive energy.
    And omg omg omg my cousin literally showed me the haunting on hill house and I was so into it. I haven’t watched past the 3rd or 4th episode because our kiddo was a little scared when we watched it at my cousins house but it’s such a good show I cannot wait to keep watching it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh my gosh Rossy! I hope I replied, and if I didn’t i’m sorry for being a terrible human being. I’m glad this was able to remind you of being in the present – it’s definitely a hard thing to do. I’m glad you liked Hill House! Have you been able to finish it since? Also, it’s crazy how yoga is a full body workout! Like, my weight lifting workouts don’t make me as sore as yoga does! I love it!


      1. Noooo don’t worry!! 🙂 it’s okay!
        And I haven’t been able to watch unfortunately 😦 I’ll have to watch when my son is either away from home or asleep at night haha
        Oh I know! Even the simple sessions can make me feel sore but i like the feeling of being sore now lol

        Liked by 1 person

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