Year in Review: 2018

Yearly review. 2018 reflection

Theme: Clearing the Clutter and focusing what’s important to me

Although I may look at this year and think not much happened, I know that if I delve in deeper, I will see that I have grown, I have achieved new milestones, and that I’m getting closer to my dreams and goals. It was a slow paced year, but within this year I’ve become a personal trainer, I’ve earned my blue belt in jiu jitsu, I’ve become more consistent in meditation and yoga, and I now teach jiu jitsu as well.

I’ve experienced more heart-ache with the loss of my dog and I’ve lost the companionship of my best friend… my ex-boyfriend. I now know what I want in a relationship. I’ve realized who my real friends are, and I’ve realized the people I no longer want to give my time to. And, to my surprise, I believe I finally received closure with my first love and first heart-break.

What goals did I accomplish from my 2018 goals? What did I not? Why?

  • I have simplified my relationships
  • I have a group of friends who support me, inspire me, and share common values, and interests
  • I have a balanced life, and I’m more centered
  • I have become a personal trainer, and I’m still on my path to nursing
  • I have increased muscle mass in my booty and legs
  • I have saved more than $800, I’ve saved $1,600
  • I didn’t simplify my waste or space items.
  • I didn’t spend more time creating and exploring. I didn’t accomplish this because I realized that it wasn’t my priority. It’s not something I’m giving up, but it’s something I have to put on hold or minimize.
  • I didn’t have a balanced whole diet and I didn’t lose 10 lbs of fat. I’m definitely continuing my progress in this area, but I know I could’ve done more. I would’ve liked to at least keep track of what I’m putting in my body, so that I could ensure that I least eat a 80% whole foods, and 20% indulgent foods.
  • I didn’t set my branding on my blog and gain 1,000 readers and 500 followers. Again, something that wasn’t a priority.

Lesson I’ve learned:

  • You have to follow your gut. You know what you want out of life, you just have to listen to yourself and be aware of the signs. Have faith in the universe.

What was time well spent:

I loved spending time at the gym, training jitsu, practicing yoga, meditating, spending time with Kassy, and journaling.

People I met this year I would like to spend more time with:

Vivian. She’s a coworker of mine, and she’s always so bright and happy. I’d like to evoke more of that in me. I also love that she’s family oriented. I also started to see an old friend from high school more often. I love that she has a girl gang, a job where she’s happy at, a loving boyfriend, and that she’s always smiling.

How can I make next year better:

I can make next year better by having a set schedule for work, so that I have a stable income. I’d like to travel more, at least 3 trips, and exploring new local areas once a month. I’d like to save more money, balance work, hobbies, relationships, school, and personal growth. I’d like to give more and volunteer for events that matter to me and that will help me give me more competitiveness when I apply for nursing school or give to people who I love and care about. Lastly I’d like to allocate more time learning and reading.

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8 thoughts on “Year in Review: 2018

  1. What a great reflection on 2018, Natalie! I’m glad you have a positive perspective about these things, even with the heartache you experienced. I’m sorry you had to go through those things, but it shows a lot about your character that you can still look forward with positivity. It sounds like 2018 was overall a good year full of growth. I wish you the best for 2019!! ❤


  2. I’m sorry about the hardships you had to go through in 2018 but it sounds like you’ve done and taken steps towards many great things too! I hope 2019 is amazing for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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