Alchemy is the art of improving oneself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thus, Natalie’s Alchemy‘s goal is to help you to help yourself.

If you love maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle from food and physical activities  to social gatherings and time for yourself, then this site is suited for you! On this site you will find healthy food ideas, nutrition information, how to begin and maintain an active lifestyle, relationship posts, dream yoga, body positivity, goal setting and planning methods, nature posts, and much more!

Just like you, I’m an alchemist learning from my life and searching for ways to improve myself.

About the Author:

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Natalie Desantiago, 23

I live in a small town in Southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego. I started this site because not only do I want to live to my highest-purpose, but I would love to guide others to live theirs as well.

My life long goals are to help others to help themselves and to restore and preserve the vitality of earth and its inhabitants. I hope I can begin by helping others through Natalie’s Alchemy.

Aside from blogging, I love to travel, write short stories and poetry, hike on Sunday mornings, cycle, read, and cuddle with my boyfriend while we watch our t.v. shows. We are also avid trainers of jiu jitsu. I’m currently a substitute teacher at a couple school districts and I’m aiming to become a holistic health coach.

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