“There’s no Certainty – Only Opportunity.” – V (In New Relationships)

  Source: http://alexandrasophie.deviantart.com/ I swallowed my pride and I ignored my judgment for opportunity. I thought to myself that maybe something beautiful can bloom, but it will only sprout if I took that chance. So I went for it. I was aware that the experience may not end well, but I knew that I would rather [...]

My 5 Step Morning Ritual for Productivity

1. Leave eyes closed and recollect dreams.   Photo Source: http://martasyrko.deviantart.com/art/sleep-307152032 After I have recollected them, I write them down on this site here:  https://www.dreamboard.com/  Later when I have the time I interpret them. 2. Stretch/ Exercise   I never find the time to stretch during the day. So setting time to stretch and do a [...]

Earth Magic Notes

1-11-13:  Earth Magic, written by Steven D. Farmer. Because we are children of Earth and subject to nature’s laws, what is our goal as human beings to harmonize ourselves with Earth? We, as humans are stewards of our planet and to harmonize ourselves with Earth, it must be individually, communally and societal so ultimately we [...]