Anime Recommendation: Shin Sekai Yori

  3 words to describe this anime: beautifully-dark, sci-fi, distopia After the first time I watched this anime, I was reluctant to acknowledge how beautiful this anime was. I thought to myself that it was an enjoyable anime, but something was missing. I watched it again and I realized that nothing was missing at all. Plot: [...]


10 Books I’ve read this year: 2014

  The Scorch Trials The Picture of Dorian Gray The Conundrum Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World Alchemy: An introduction to the Symbolism and Psychology Sense and Sensibility South Asian Buddhism Shamanism and the Origin of States Earth Magic A Dance with Dragons Favorites: A Dance with Dragons: Photo Source: George RR Martin [...]

Alchemy: An Intro to the Symbolism and Psychology by Marie-Louise Von Franz

    Synopsis: Shows the secret goal of alchemy to be the transformation of the personality, the search for wholeness. Invaluable for interpreting images in modern dreams and for an understanding of relationships. - My Thoughts and what I learned:  This text was a bit difficult for me to digest and at some points I [...]

My Top 10 Anime

5-19-14: Before my senior year in high school, I could not fathom why my older brother watched anime. I thought it was childish and I despised the voice acting; I would have never thought I would have fallen in love with this medium of expression. So if you’re not interested in anime, I highly suggest [...]

  1-17-13: Okay, these aren’t the most creative photographs, but I like these photos because they each have evidence of my beliefs. I am wearing a Full Metal Alchemist pendant, which has led me to a new spiritual path and not only that, but this symbol’s wings represent the celestial and the snakes represent the [...]