An Elegy to my Grandmother

    You birthed four children, but you really had eight, my brothers, sister, and I. We called you our second mother. I remember when Ruben dropped a brick on my head, and you made it better by giving me a cup of soda. You would always give us sweets and even as we got [...]


To the Man I love

Please don’t be like lightning You came by so quickly, so intense, and so bright But, I’m afraid: just as fast as you came, you will go And, there, you will leave me in the darkness.

9.10.15: It seems I’m filling a void of hunger. With whip creme and iced speckles of caramel. With a lover’s kiss and tainted lips. With a friend’s laughter. and only is it bearable. With horror flicks and corny scripts. With morning asanas, and I’m only a bit stable. I don’t think it’ll end. I think [...]


Poetry Challenge VI You cleaved them from the stem and tied them at the end with my velvet red ribbon. You formed a bow then hung them above my throw. So, before I sleep I find words of yours I wish to keep but, before I am taken I realize I am vacant. With your [...]

Folk Group: Alchemists

An essay by Natalie Desantiago About: Who are alchemists? What is alchemy? A brief history of Alchemy. How alchemists form a folk group. Folklore of alchemists. I recall unpleasant summer evenings in my stifled room: unpleasant because the arid air seemed to snatch away my breath, unpleasant because I didn’t want to leave my room to face my [...]