An Elegy to my Grandmother

    You birthed four children, but you really had eight, my brothers, sister, and I. We called you our second mother. I remember when Ruben dropped a brick on my head, and you made it better by giving me a cup of soda. You would always give us sweets and even as we got [...]

Photography Series: Exposed

    I feel the need to share these photos because I’ve exposed my soul to the man I love. I choose to love Joe, so I choose vulnerability. I’ve been hurt by him, but because he wants to grow from his mistakes, I want to stay with him to grow with him. Even if [...]

9.10.15: It seems I’m filling a void of hunger. With whip creme and iced speckles of caramel. With a lover’s kiss and tainted lips. With a friend’s laughter. and only is it bearable. With horror flicks and corny scripts. With morning asanas, and I’m only a bit stable. I don’t think it’ll end. I think [...]

5 Ways to Attract Authentic Love

5 Ways to Attract Authentic Love

9.4.15: So what is authentic Love? Well, I can first describe what inauthentic love is: The need to be in charge and make decisions for the other person Has rigid and unrealistic expectations of how the other person must act to be worthy of love. Attaches strings to loving and loves conditionally Puts little [...]

Reborn Hope

  “A woman I know well always treats her current romance as if it’s her first.  She always looks like she’s never fallen in love with someone before that. That’s how it should be.” - Kaiki Deshu Photo Credit: I often throw myself into terrible relationships because I want to believe that it will cultivate [...]

Hope: my enemy

Hope: my once beloved ally. It is the darkness feigning a glimmer of light and like a moth, I’m compelled forthright. Only to be engulfed in flames and to incinerate into empty dreams. Please extinguish the embers into ashes; I no longer wish to hope, to wait for something that will never come.