Learn to Soothe Yourself in Times of Distress

9.11.15: In times of emotional turmoil, we may turn toward negative outlets: hurting ourselves, drinking, unsafe sex, drugs, bingeing etc They may seem the most appealing when we are at our lowest, but we must make it a rule to turn to healthier outlets even if you have no desire to engage in them. Once [...]

How to Overcome Suffering

  Photo-Source: http://laura-makabresku.deviantart.com/art/Natalia-and-her-nightmares-366532707 What suffering am I referring to? The suffering I am referring to is any suffering that you experience: depression, guilt, fear, anxiety, and even the suffering of desire. For instance, the longing to be somewhere else, doing something else; basically wanting what you don’t have. Even the suffering of  “loving” someone. If you [...]

How to Restore Misconstrued Thoughts to Reality

How to Restore Misconstrued Thoughts to Reality

How to steer away from negative thoughts: Your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and physiology are all interconnected. In cognitive behavior therapy, to positively change all aspects, we work with behavior and thoughts. In order to do this, we must record a thought diary. Thought Diary: A thought diary is used to record events, feelings, and thoughts, [...]