9.10.15: It seems I’m filling a void of hunger. With whip creme and iced speckles of caramel. With a lover’s kiss and tainted lips. With a friend’s laughter. and only is it bearable. With horror flicks and corny scripts. With morning asanas, and I’m only a bit stable. I don’t think it’ll end. I think [...]


Poetry Challenge VI You cleaved them from the stem and tied them at the end with my velvet red ribbon. You formed a bow then hung them above my throw. So, before I sleep I find words of yours I wish to keep but, before I am taken I realize I am vacant. With your [...]


Poetry Challenge III  I often find myself running in circles Exhausting the path; ragged and worn out heels. I’ve been trapped in a water wheel: I can’t seem to get past this hurdle Underwater: spinning and repeating I’m wandering. But, where am I going?


Summer Poetry Challenge II  Like the sunflowers down by the sewage drains, I have grown tall enough to reach beyond my constraints. And the wind who sows my seeds, my silent friend, precedes and leads me to paint the earth with my kisses of the sun. I am bright and wild that none can shun, [...]


Summer Poetry Challenge I  I once found solace in my own company; it was time that I took to look around me and breathe; I never thought myself lonely. Now, I escape my own reflection. Every minute I drown myself with you; Every touch, every kiss - your affection is only a drug to my [...]