On a summer evening, I watch the spider crawl from the cupboard and scurry across the floor. I watch the roach’s body struggle away from it’s severed head, and I think to myself that must I, too, be plundered by the greater ways of the universe? or will I learn to move with them?

Nature Poems

Here are some morbid nature poems: So, the critter crawls onward his journey until he is flattened by a foot. The red ants feast in a frenzy on the marrow of a lizard’s bones. I never understood why the weeping willow wept. Her limbs were strong and deep rooted, her fingers brushed the soft floor, [...]


 Photo-Writing Challenge VI いつもいつも 私に飛べないことを言った だから自分で翼を作った itsumo itsumo watashi ni tobenaikoto wo itta dakara jibun de tsubasa wo tsukutta They always always told me that I couldn’t fly So I grew wings on my own Link to challenge: Here