Communicate with your Partner’s Love Language

  Photo credit: There are five different types of love languages according to Gary Chapman and each person communicates with them differently. It’s important to know your partner’s love languages, so you can find the source of relationship problems and use the means to fix it. For instance, if I was to attempt to salvage [...]

5 Ways to Attract Authentic Love

5 Ways to Attract Authentic Love

9.4.15: So what is authentic Love? Well, I can first describe what inauthentic love is: The need to be in charge and make decisions for the other person Has rigid and unrealistic expectations of how the other person must act to be worthy of love. Attaches strings to loving and loves conditionally Puts little [...]

Post Graduation Depression and a Plan to Battle it

  (Photo Source: Before I met the end (of school), I was excited with all the possibilities that I could take after I graduated. I thought of how I would be able to travel abroad, work full-time in a job that I love, gain independence, and start the life I always dreamt of. Now that [...]

Reborn Hope

  “A woman I know well always treats her current romance as if it’s her first.  She always looks like she’s never fallen in love with someone before that. That’s how it should be.” - Kaiki Deshu Photo Credit: I often throw myself into terrible relationships because I want to believe that it will cultivate [...]

“There’s no Certainty – Only Opportunity.” – V (In New Relationships)

  Source: I swallowed my pride and I ignored my judgment for opportunity. I thought to myself that maybe something beautiful can bloom, but it will only sprout if I took that chance. So I went for it. I was aware that the experience may not end well, but I knew that I would rather [...]