Nature Photos

    Nature at it’s finest. All photos were taken in Thailand except the second photo was in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Children of Cambodia

They were my favorite part of Cambodia. Most of the children I had met were beggars or working for money, even in the smallest ways. For instance the children in the first photograph organized the shoes outside the temple and they would hand you your shoes when you came out. In return they left their [...]

The Importance of Travel

  It isn’t about the wild stories and new adventures you will experience. It isn’t about hostels or pricey-lavish hotels. It isn’t about the exotic food. It isn’t about the majestic waterfalls or grandiose jungles. It isn’t about the souvenirs… All of these are beautiful and great aspects of travel, but they aren’t important at [...]

Adventures in Cambodia: Teaching Kindergartners for a Week

  Walking into the Unknown I honestly didn’t know what to expect. We were given vague information about our students; we didn’t know their age groups or what they’ve been working on. We had to make a diagnostic lesson. My lesson plan was too advance for them.  I had expected first, second grade level, but my students couldn’t write [...]

Adventures in Cambodia: Overall Impression of my 3 Week Stay

The first week was slow and dragging. I had some good moments, but at the same time I was yearning to head back home. Phnom Penh: Disgustingly Beautiful Now, let me first tell you: Phnom Penh is rapidly growing, but because it is growing at such a fast pace and because of the corruption within Cambodia, it has poor city [...]