2015 Summer Poetry Challenge

  Here is my 2015 summer poetry prompts solitude wild summer rain wander lavender homemade ragweed


 Photo-Writing Challenge VI いつもいつも 私に飛べないことを言った だから自分で翼を作った itsumo itsumo watashi ni tobenaikoto wo itta dakara jibun de tsubasa wo tsukutta They always always told me that I couldn’t fly So I grew wings on my own Link to challenge: Here

The Fire

Photo-Writing Challenge V He said, “you’re too much for me” so she tried to drown her flames and it was then, in the water, that she could see her reflection she thought,  I’m beautiful. She turned to the boy and smiled, “You’re right” and the wick inside her grew ever stronger to hold a greater [...]


Photo- Writing Challenge III He tore off my wings like they were paper mache, but when the night comes, I’ll crawl into his bed And without his knowing, I’ll drain him; he is now my prey. Link to challenge: Here